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  1. Hi there, I am trying to get the AINX4 module to work with the PIC based core.   I have the hex code with AIN enabled (and it works with 8 pots),  but when I connect the AIN module with 32 connections I can't get it to work at all.  Am I missing something?  Does the code need to be altered?  I have only two pots working??  This is for an organ project so I need the table to configure keys,  but I also need all the pots as I am converting drawbars on a hammond organ. Help appreciated!   Regards, Ryan    
  2. Getting Analog(J5) to work on CORE8 Mios8 Midio128

    Thank you soooooooo much Thorsten!   Solved my problem in two ticks!  Much appreciated indeed.  I don't know if i should start another thread,  but my last question is how do i chain 2 or more cores together?  I have tried via the core chain images given on the website,  however i am not sure of what the pins on J11 are.  There are 4 pins. Which is VS, MO and MI?  Thanks.
  3. Getting Analog(J5) to work on CORE8 Mios8 Midio128

    My humble apologies Latigid.  I have abandoned that post as I felt I had not explained myself correctly and therefore might not have attracted more help! I have sent a message directly to TK yes.  But no response yet.  Unfortunately I have chosen the Old PIC Core due to the availability of parts in South Africa. Building the new generation boards would mean me importing parts,  and unfortunately that is just to costly as the SA Import duties are very steep.  I might as well then buy a complete system for MIDI Gadgets etc. I know that this core must be able to work simultaneously(with contacts and pots),  because if one is midifying an organ one needs a swell pedal,  and then what?  I have tried also to connect multiple cores so I could perhaps use the second core for the job,  but again not sure how to successfully chain the cores and get Midio Studio to recognize both cores.  So far it will only recognize one of them.  And then again what applications to load?   Thus far I have 128 contacts working thats it.  For an organ I need the complete thing,  or its only really partly midified! Surely someone must have the solution out there!?   Many thanks again to all.    
  4. Getting Analog(J5) to work on CORE8 Mios8 Midio128

    Ok firstly,  I have built a core (the old PIC based V3), running MIOS 8 and configuring all the PINS of the DIN modules in Mios Studio using the Midio 128 application.  So far so good,  everything works perfectly.  However because I am using this system to convert an organ,  I need the AIN inputs directly on the CORE to work at the same time.  So what I need is all 128 contacts working with 8 POTS as well. Now I can't get the POTS to work as in the MIDIO128 application there is no option to activate AIN or configure AIN!    Please how do I go about getting them to both recognized and working together?  I am a newbie, and am so grateful for this project - but I really want to make a success out of it.  I feel I am nearly there expect for this issue.  If I need to write a program to get it to work,  then I am lost!   My programming knowledge is zero,  and trying to make sense of all that is on the website with regard to programming has got me sooooo confused!  I don't know where to begin!    Is there no way to include AIN functionality into the MIDIO128 Application so one can benefit from full use of the CORE in one simple application? 
  5. Getting Analog(J5) to work on CORE8 Mios8 Midio128

    That's correct.  I have tested the AIN with another application and they do work.  But I need to configure my pins(DIN boards) via Midio Studio,  the Midio 128 application AND get the AIN pins to activate simultaneously!   Do I need to write a new hex?  If so being a newbie,  I don't know where to begin?    
  6. Getting Analog(J5) to work on CORE8 Mios8 Midio128

    The question is how does one enable AIN's?  I guess that's the problem?
  7. Getting Analog(J5) to work on CORE8 Mios8 Midio128

    Trying to connect just to the 8 AIN pins as per the website.  I don't get any activity,  and there is no activity with regard to analog pins on the lcd screen or mios studio.  
  8. Getting Analog(J5) to work on CORE8 Mios8 Midio128

    Thanks for you replies. I am simply trying to connect pots to j5. that's it. No AIN module.  I do not know how to program it without overwriting the MIDIO128 settings.  At the moment there is no response from J5, as if I haven't activated something yet.  So basically how does one enable J5 to use pots? Again no AIN modules. If I load a hex file I find that my midio128 application disappears and I loose all my setting for the pins on the DIN boards.  So this has me confused overall!  I am connecting an organ.  I have the keyboards all working,  but need the pots as well! Regards, Ryan  
  9. Getting Analog(J5) to work on CORE8 Mios8 Midio128

    To Clarify....... the board works 100 percent,  just don't know how to get life from J5.  The 8 analog pins.
  10. Hi there! Can someone please explain to me in a step by step process how to get the analog pins (J5) on the core.  I have built the Core with PIC  (the midio128) V3 design.  Running Mios8.  I don't know how to program or actually what on earth to do to get life out of it?  It just doesn't respond.  Please anybody with step by step procedure! Many thanks.