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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, I am trying to get the AINX4 module to work with the PIC based core. I have the hex code with AIN enabled (and it works with 8 pots), but when I connect the AIN module with 32 connections I can't get it to work at all. Am I missing something? Does the code need to be altered? I have only two pots working?? This is for an organ project so I need the table to configure keys, but I also need all the pots as I am converting drawbars on a hammond organ. Help appreciated! Regards, Ryan
  2. Hi Fellow DYI-ers, I have 4 DIN, 4 DOUT, Midi IO, and MBPH_DIO_MATRIX_V1; all fully assembled and a MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 module for converting an old Church Organ to play Virtual Pipe Organ using Midi. I have Download all files such as MIOS_Studio_2_4_9, en.stsw-link004 Utility, en.stsw-link008usb drivers, mios32_bootloader_v1_018 and SetupSTM32CubeProgrammer-2.4.0 all of which are installed. I followed the direction on http://ucapps.de/mbhp_core_stm32f4.html. with success with the exception of running MOIS Studio Please look at the picture below and I attempted to run Mios Studio This 1 picture is the result of when I 1st open Mios Studio. Everything looks ok. The 2nd picture showed my file path to upload the " project.hex file to MIOS Studio This picture shows after my file path has been selected. The final picture shows the result after starting the upload The only device connected at this point was the MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 only. Please help me. I am completely new to this. Do have to module connect the organ keyboard prior to monitor the midi msg.
  3. Hi everyone. This is my first post on this forum. I have studying forum and ucapps.net for three years. Sorry for my bad english in some cases. I got an old organ "Ahlborn C33" made around 1960's. There are two manuals and pedal (and 33 stops). The instrument is functioning, but it was in very poor condition. Many of the keys did not work, some stops were not working, and the amplifier and speakers were outside the organ, because there was no room inside. The organ had about 200 ECC82 (12AU7) tubes and associated electronics that served as oscillators. Here are a few pictures of what they look like: I don't have old picture of mine working, but this is the same organ (without speaker boxes). I decided to remove all the old electronics because it was not possible to repair. Not only are the parts were unavailable and expensive, but the sound was not anything special. From the organ I use almost everything except tubes, resistors and capacitors. Many keys were damaged and needed to be glued or otherwise repaired. Each button has about a 10-15 contacts. I have removed the old cables and for each key merged only one wire. I soldered a wire to multiple contacts for a better grip (old 56K resistors are not connected). After that I again put mechanisms in their old place. Here's the picture: Also I made a fixes to pedal, but there was more work to do, because some mechanisms were literally broken. Then I ordered a printed circuit board and made connections to DIN, DOUT and CORE. I used two CORE printed circuit boards because there were more than 128 DIN. I have plenty of space in organ so I installed an old ATX case and motherboard ASUS P5PL2 (with CPU Celeron D 2,6 and 3,5 GB of DDR2 RAM). All this is powered by ZALMANN quality silent power supply (400W) that powers the PC and MidiBox (5V for logic and 12V for the foot-light). I installed the 60 GB SSD hard drive due to its speed and silence. PIC Midi printed circuit boards are connected to the Game Port. This motherboard have gameport header. It works great and proved to be the best solution for my case. Because Windows 7 and 8 can't support the old Game Port, I installed Ubuntu 14.04. The sound card is the integrated, and if need be, we can also think of a better (PCI or USB). Audio amplifier and speakers (2x12" 4 ohm) are mounted into organ. Speed: - computer turns on and loads Burea church samples in GrandOrgue in 1 minute and 5 seconds. - computer turns off in three seconds. Instead of the old registers that can be used for other (smaller) organ, I put aluminum panels with buttons and LEDs. I have not installed the panels on board yet. Later I will add labels. Sorry for plenty of wires :-)) . I'm sorry also for some bad photos. Now - one problem. I have two foot pedals (for great and swell manual). How to connect them to the "mbhp core"? On each of them I put linear potentiometers of 5 kilohms. The center of each potentiometer (taper) I connected with short cable to the analog input on the "core". The ends of each potentiometer I connected to 5VDC and GND respectively. However in "MIOS Studio" nothing happens when I move a foot pedal, there are no "MIDI events". All other controls are working properly. What could be the problem? Is there anything further to do to get a foot pedal operated with the application MIDIO128?
  4. 1st electronic labor jam made with some parts of an old SIEL-E-Organ > spring reverb/driver > amp > filters also a rose-crystal coil - transducer, which also act as a lopass filter when hold over a spring reverb... korg electribe rythm and mbase...straight outha my electronic labor 3rdRootsJam a midiboxified CRUMAR Model 198 e-organ triggerd with a kord electribe rythm... the program on it is the triggermatrix. straight outa my sun room, more info about that in this forum article: crumar-198-electrical-organ-midification-triggermatrix
  5. CRUMAR 198 (1976) i love that device... i did not learned keyboarding... but with that thing i start it by by doing... i was always a step-setter...so excuse that i dont find "the right notes" > newbee well i have great planes with it. built in my triggermatrix, which is some kind of play help, rythm automatic and so on... better you watch my video to understand.... @ the moment only the upper manual is midified with a Core32, and my program "triggermatrix" on it... the basic idea is: Connect a drummer, or rythm machine via midi to it, the drum trigger -"re-Trigger" the Key-notes which i press, i can deside via a Matrix which drumtrigger triggers which manual... also there are "song parts" to switch between Trigger-Presets, and Roll-Prests...also the gate length can be changed, and random trigger killer is also integrated... and much more... how ever , i want leds duo-colour-leds over each Key to show me the last Keys i have pressed... because, when i press a chord-set, which get repeated via the drum trigger...no it sounds... and sounds... meanwhile i go to the lower manual and play, or do bass pedals, or do reverb or drumsequencing or drumsounding... after a few seconds i have vorgotten which dam chords i pressed on the upper manual... so this is a must, i know how to do that... soldering a few weeks of course... also the leds will show me fittings notes in the circle fifth... and of course the pressed keys are indicated on the lower manual to over all octaves, in order to learn how to play, while i play... a circle of fifth note corection, which shifts the ohter manual when playing the other, and then falling back again...and also automaticly bass folwing is plan... but up to now i am very happy with this upper manual and the midicontroll via bcr2000. i think i will make the UI via designed PCB which i will order then, because i need 2time the same UI i think it is very clever to make that right...... i also want to replace those Registers via Potentiometers aka "Zugriegel"... also i want to add a triggered Lopassfilter for each manual... and much more of course... but enough, now Videos for ears and eyes, and pictures for your eyes and brain - have fun! well i have. Swell pedal via foto resistor and a 24V light pulb! old psu amp and Loudspeaker, i romed amp and Louspeaker and replaced the power supply the new one a "bit oversized"... but that parts i have lying around for 15years!!! (never realized amp project...) spring reverb tank and foot pedals spring reverb magnetic driver removed rythm "engine" "walz tango march, slow rong swing rock genuine, bossa nova, bass-auto and chords will be replaced with a midibox core32 my program "triggermatrix" and real Drummachine!!! in order for that you can cut the whole cable-tree... but then you have to solder the orange and one of the dark green cables 2gether, in order to get the lowest octave from the lower manual to work..... there are 2 dark green cables, you have to take the one that goes to the lower manual to the manual - key spirals.. dout modules 5V and level shifter 15V (BC549)...there are 88 outputs for 44 keys, because, 44 are organ, and 44 are "piano" envelope types...while the piano swell down with the 100uF caps, the organs will be hold... the selfe eteched din modules. din wired, core mounted the shematic to midified that thing: THE 220 Ohm must be replaced via an 10-22K, and the 1K is also not right... i then used a 2K2... but that Transistor get warm and all 44 of them take a current from 0,5A!!!... the powersuplly was not strong enough for that (with the CORE and the LCD in addation...)... but i think that was of cours of dry electroly caps... burned finger caps? no more! video with jamsession is on upload...
  6. Hi, I have just acquired a stripped out rodgers organ + pedalboard which I would like to use for an organ midification project. I have been roaming this forum for about a month, trying to collect the information and wanted to ask if you could give me some advice and make me aware of caveats which I hadn't considered yet. The organ consists of: 2 x 61 key manuals: each in 4*16 diode matrix pedalboard: 2*16 diode matrix 43 stop tabs (SAMS) 31 piston switches 1 swell pedal I think I will need: Control module: LPC17 + LPCxpresso Manuals + pedalboard: DIO matrix board stop tabs + piston switches: 3 * DIN Module SAMS action: 3 * DOUT module (switching to the on state uses one channel, switching to the off state uses another: 2 * 43 channels, are the line drivers rated for enough current?) swell pedal/Pot: should be accomodated by core module Does this look about right? Does one core module support all this. What latency/conversion times would I have to expect. Re latency I read about the midibox kb project which is in development but I'm not sure if this is simply a firmware update or also different hardware or if it is applicable at all to what I want to do. I was thinking of using the manuals in a 16*16 matrix. With both manuals and pedalboard I am at the moment 10*16 but I want the option of extending by a manual in the future and I assume that it is not easily possible to scan in numbers which are not powers of two anyway. I wonder if you could also give me an indication of how much programming I would likely face (something I'm not worried about). In particular the SAMS might be tricky in that I need to control the two lines per channel via one midi signal. On an off-on trigger edge the on coil would need to get engaged for 100-200ms and on an on-off edge the off-coil. Does anyone have experience how easy it is to configure midi out in Hauptwerk anyway ... might be lost cause after all. I would really appreciate your feedback. thanks a lot!
  7. Hi all! I've been a midibox dabbler for a few years now, but am looking to put the MBHP to work in a new project. So essentially what I'm building is an organ from scratch. I am building my own cabinet, and am using this organ project as a sound source. http://bolltone.de/Projekte/PropB3/PropB3_US.html I am using 2 of them, each with 17 midi CCs controlling the various parameters. In the style of old lowrey's and such I plan on putting a couple synthesizers inside of the organ as well with CC controls for some of their parameters. I like the look of the MIDIIO128 because it has a midi file player and can support up to 64 potentiometers (i'll be using all 64 inputs for drawbars and various pots for parameters) and lots of buttons. The keyboards I am using for each of the manuals are these mini 44 key casio keyboards in a 4x11 diode matrix. Is a diode matrix possible on a midiIO128? Is it possible to send each matrix to a different midi channel and change this in the menu? Ex Manual 1 on organ sounds on channel 1 and manual 2 on midi channel 2? What types of modules (DOUT, DIN) etc would be necessary to complete the project? My current requirements are: 64 Pots At least 88 key switches, ideally in a matrix to keep the number of wires down. I'd like to have some other buttons for changing the octave, midi channel etc. The ability to change channel for each manual. Sorry for all the questions but the newer midibox platforms have me a bit confused. thanks Nate
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