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  1. Thank you! Yeah, no milling machine were abused during this project ) Only oldsKool drill&file method, some DIY brackets and countersunk head screws. Basically this is norbim1 http://svnmios.midibox.org/listing.php?repname=svn.mios32&path=%2Fplayground%2Fnorbim1%2FSD+card+sample+player%2F branch with minor changes in Read_Switch, APP_MIDI_NotifyPackage, Read_Config routines, and 2 global vars added. Toggle switches ON-OFF-ON style: Bank Select - connects PE2 or PC15 to GND, Part Select - connects PC13 or PC14 to GND. //globals … u8 avlg_hw=0; // set to enable scanning of AVLG bank&part switches on J10 u8 bank_part_offset=0; //bank part offset for Arturia Beatstep Pro ...   u8 Read_Switch(void) // Lee's temp hardware: Set up inputs for bank switch as input with pullups, and find if any lines pulled low to select bank {  u16 bank_val;    if (lee_hw) {     bank_val=(u16)MIOS32_BOARD_J10_Get(); // Read all pins, if all pins high, val=0 meaning bank 1, otherwise one pin should be pulled low eg bank_index 0 = bank_val=1 so bank 2     if(bank_val==0xFF7F) { return 9; } // D7 = 128 low if(bank_val==0xFFBF) { return 8; } // D6 = 64 low if(bank_val==0xFFDF) { return 7; } // D5 = 32 low if(bank_val==0xFFEF) { return 6; } // D4 = 16 low if(bank_val==0xFFF7) { return 5; } // D3 = 8 low if(bank_val==0xFFFB) { return 4; } // D2 = 4 low if(bank_val==0xFFFD) { return 3; } // D1 = 2 low if(bank_val==0xFFFE) { return 2; } // D0 = 1 low if(bank_val==0x7FFF) { return 1; } // D15 = 128*256 low     return 0;      // default to bank 0 (bank val FFFF)  }    if (avlg_hw) {    bank_val=(u16)MIOS32_BOARD_J10_Get();      if(bank_val==0xF6FF) { bank_part_offset=0;  return 0; } //Bank1 Part1 0xF6FF    if(bank_val==0xF7FF) { bank_part_offset=16; return 0; } //Bank1 Part2 0xF7FF    if(bank_val==0xF5FF) { bank_part_offset=32; return 0; } //Bank1 Part3 0xF5FF    if(bank_val==0xFEFF) { bank_part_offset=0;  return 1; } //Bank2 Part1 0xFEFF    if(bank_val==0xFFFF) { bank_part_offset=16; return 1; } //Bank2 Part2 0xFFFF    if(bank_val==0xFDFF) { bank_part_offset=32; return 1; } //Bank2 Part3 0xFDFF    if(bank_val==0xFAFF) { bank_part_offset=0;  return 2; } //Bank3 Part1 0xFAFF    if(bank_val==0xFBFF) { bank_part_offset=16; return 2; } //Bank3 Part2 0xFBFF    if(bank_val==0xF9FF) { bank_part_offset=32; return 2; } //Bank3 Part3 0xF9FF    // default:    bank_part_offset=0;    return 0;  }  return sample_bank_no; // no change }   void APP_MIDI_NotifyPackage(mios32_midi_port_t port, mios32_midi_package_t midi_package) { … // replace two occurences of this code: if((midi_package.note)==sample_to_midinote[samp_no]) // with if((midi_package.note+bank_part_offset)==sample_to_midinote[samp_no]) ... }   void Read_Config() { …   if(!strcmp(param_name,"lee_hw")) { lee_hw=(int)strtol((char *)(param_value),NULL,10); } // Set lee_hw param   if(!strcmp(param_name,"avlg_hw")) { avlg_hw=(int)strtol((char *)(param_value),NULL,10); lee_hw=0;} // Set avlg_hw param AND reset lee_hw ... }     Tell me if you need complete code or precompiled project.hex
  2. Hello everyone! Yet another sample player in Eurorack format ) Nice companion for Arturia Beatstep Pro's Drum Sequencer. 3 banks x 3 parts x 16 notes (BSP has 16 pads) = 144 samples total.
  3. DOUT and audio switching relays

    Hello EsotericLabs! Actually you don't even need DOUT, I'm driving relay modules right from J10B pins on my CORE_STM32F4. These relay modules are really cheap, 1 euro from AliExpress, have LED indicator, powered by 5V, draw <70ma in ON state, can switch up to 10A at 230V (yep, how about MIDIfying your coffee machine? ;) ) but the relay have only SPDT contact group, means you need 2 relay modules to switch stereo signal. For switching audio signals I'd also consider using 4051/4052/4053 analog multiplexer ICs dependig on the audio routing configuration needed, or Vishay DG201/408/409 for higher voltages found in modular synths.
  4. Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Special THANKS to TK for well developed & documented MIDIbox project, it's very DIY friendly. Yes, Goom is a little bit clicky sometimes, I've seen some "sharp signal edges" on oscilloscope too, but the more time I spend with it, the more workarounds and fixes I find. I like this little synth! I'm developing my custom application to fit into my Eurorack modular synth and trying to get as much features from single STM32F4 core as I can. Although SEQ V4 is really powerful device with great big control surface, I've decided to integrate some basic sequencer into my application because I can have so much fun improving my programming skills & knowledge of MIOS32 environment in my very first MIDIbox project :) I run Liine Lemur on my Android tablet Asus Nexus 7 2013 LTE, connecting to a MIDI Target on my PC via Wi-Fi, the SEQ-GOOM template is still in very "alpha" status. I plan to program sequences using Lemur and upload them (using SysEx?) into my MIDIbox application to store on SD Card, probably in *.mid file format. Still not sure about hardware control panel design and features, but at least SCS will be implemented. Also I want to generate some GATEs and CVs for percussion modules, but here seem to be a problem: If I try to initialise Synth first then AOUT, the application hangs inside AOUT_IF_Init(). If I initialise AOUT first then Synth, it hangs later on AOUT_Update(). I have no problem running AOUT tutorial with my breadboarded MCP4822 DAC and read voltage changes as I press some keys in MIOS studio. Are AOUT access and CS43L22 audio DAC on STM32F4DISCOVERY mutual exclusive features, or there are some tricks to make them work together? P.S. sorry for my bad English.