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  1. name not valid

    Sorry to rescue this ancient topic but I'm also facing this exact issue from time to time, is anyone impacted by it yet? Not really sure about my SD card, I'm pretty sure it was formatted under FAT32.   Thanks all!
  2. Thanks Peter, it is working that way, I will experiment with the MIDI ROUTING to avoid using an external midi interface.    Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for your response Peter, I was thinking about that; yesterday tried to install x64 midi drivers without success, but I have a spare x86 machine with drivers already installed to test it. Regarding FX Dupl., I was looking into the manual and it is not very clear to me, can I just duplicate a track to a single different destination channel or I need to set it up for >1 channels? Thanks in advance !  
  4. Hi all, I've been using MidiBox as my main sequencer for several years now and always thought of recording my live performances in midi format.  Until now I was using all the 4 midi outs I have installed but since a couple of days I remapped all the tracks to OUT1 and set the midi channels accordingly.  What I'm looking for is to record midi data live while it's being sent to my machines, on the fly, to record all the mutes and changes. I'm trying to do it using an ancient MOTU interface using the "merge all" mode capturing one of the outputs with Cubase but all I get is midi garbage, stucked notes and so on. Not sure if it has to be with the Midi interface not able to process all the midi data.    MIDIBOX -> MOTU-> MIDI DEVICES/COMPUTER   Any of you is recording live midi data with external outboard/DAW?   Many thanks in advance, Jose
  5. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Thanks a lot @TK. !! Another suggestion for future releases that could be interesting but not sure about it's complexity:  Auto-fill steps while in DRUM track mode, Let's say you press GP3 button (fill start) for two seconds, that would invoke FILL mode ( "FILL" flashing above the steps), without (or not?) releasing GP3 press GP11 (fill end) to set the end of the steps to be auto filled: steps 3 to 11.    (3)xxxxxxx(11)  I think this could be very useful, for instance, in HI HATS parts  Hope you get the idea because my explanations are not the best!!!    Anyway, thanks again, you are great!
  6. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Thanks a lot TK that works now. On the other hand I found out that if you use, under "About this midibox" the "SD Card" option then the sequencer stops and is no longer playing unless you restart the device again. Not sure if this has to do with my module only. By the way do you think a Restart/Reset option could be easily implemented to avoid having to disconnect the machine? Thanks a lot for your time and effort!!!
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Same here, and can also confirm it is happening in  seq_v4_095_pre4 also. "Glad" to hear it's not only mine which is failing, 
  8. !! Hard fault !!

    Hi Peter,    Thanks for your help.    I'm on V4_090b, the only change was the TPD module, but that was added a week ago and had no issues so far. I'm planning to do an intensive test tomorrow, will report asap.   Thanks again, Jose
  9. !! Hard fault !!

    Hi all, This evening mu Midibox Seq V4 (STM32F) crashed with the error you can see in the attached screenshot. Any clues on what's going on? I'm using Wilba's panel, 2 dual midi modules and Ilmenator's TPD module. Could this be caused due to a midi buffer overflow ? I was sending midi data quite fast (2 steps tracks looped randomly by hand) if that is of any help.. This never happened before and I would like to trace this fault in depth as currently Midibox is the heart of my studio. Thank you all!
  10. SD Card

    Hi Peter, Tested a Sandisk Ultra 8Gb (Class 10) and it took 29 seconds to create a new session! That was measured starting to count at the very moment you press the 'create' button until it finishes the files creation process. Fast enough for me. Thanks !
  11. SD Card

    Thanks Peter,    Can I ask you to recommend a fast one? I'm currently using a Kingston x4 (4GB) but it is pretty slow, it takes around 2 minutes to create a new session. Is this normal? Thanks a lot!
  12. SD Card

    Hi all,    Do we have a "list of compatible/tested cards"? Sorry if that is already in place!  
  13. Hi all,  Looking for laser cutting companies just checked with Formulor (Germany) and an Acrylic 3mm box goes up to 90 Euros with shipping; isn't it a bit high? or it is a normal price.  I'm not familiar with laser engraving pricing.  Any tip here?   Thanks a lot!!!
  14. WOW!!!!   Thanks again!    
  15. Thanks @pawaga!!    Could you please let me know which switches/caps did you use?    Thanks again!!!