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    Sorry price is to much for my blood.  

      Searching for ANY C64 SIDSYNTH: If you have: sammichSID, WILBA6582, MIDIBOX SID, TherapSid Synth or ANY similar C64 SID chip synth Please let me send email wit name and price. (resoXXXnance.future@XXXgmail.com) REMOVE " XXX " If is possible from Europe! If not other is good to! Thank You All  
  3. Any SID synth Project

    Thank you for info and advices. I will check what i need from "Mike"
  4. I need, how to say, little distorsion box in small dimensions WIT GOOD SOUND for "screaming" at 303 or Shruthi-1 LP filter tweaking :) Elementary project on mini PCB for small price of components. Anybody have expirience wit building distorsion-overdrive box? Please write me what you think is good and low price!
  5. Sorry for of-topic post. I didnt know where to ask? Question 4 all: What is your BEST DIY synth? (open DIY project) there is plenty online so i ask you for advice, please write names.
  6. Any SID synth Project

    Do You think on this: MIDIbox SID 8580 / 6581 + CS contents these module kits: 1 x MBHP_CORE, 1 x MBHP_SID 8580 /6581 (universal) 3 x MBHP_DINX4, 2 x MBHP_DOUTX4 without PIC       Art.-Nr.: Set-007 http://www.mikes-elektronikseite.de/mshop_englisch/index.htm   Is that all i need to make synth wit 2 SIDs? 1 x MBHP_SID 8580 /6581 (universal) I think this is only for one SID?     I will try (when i get all parts, so please, help me) Make all on ONE PCB board wit 2 SIDs (Stereo 2 SID core x 3 oscillators = 6 oscillators) Including 4 or 8 knobs for Filter, LFO rate, ADSR etc... And put for FREE to EVERYONE in PDF, BRD, SCH etc.. Maybe i will make sale of 10-20 PCB? But FIRST i must have all nesesary components   Thank you!
  7. Any SID synth Project

    Frenkly this is to complicate for me... I dont know what parts, kits to buy? I need basic SID synth with 2 SID chips (similar to sammichSID spec.) I think i will not do anything, i will wait for sammichSID or Wilba-6582 If somebody have little time to find me "modules-kits" witch to buy from: http://www.mikes-elektronikseite.de/mshop_englisch/index.htm Im not expert im totaly lame.... Youst want to enjoy real sound of SID chip! I will be thankfull to anybody to make me list of kits-modules to order & buy!
  8. Any SID synth Project

    simple, i need BRD to create PCB on mashine PDF does not have information for building PCB on greber... I se  TWINsid and is AWESOOME!!! But there and on github i didnt find necesary info... :(
  9. Any SID synth Project

    I have googled but i didnt find any SID synth wit schematich in *.brd file. There is no sammichSID *.brd file same as WILBA-6582 So if you know for another SID synth project (open *.brd files etc...) please let me know. I know about MIDIbox SID V2 for long time but i cannot create simple version beacuse there is a lot info, modules, PCB and i dont know witch modules i must have to create simple version with 2 SID chips. (ala sammichSID) Please if you know let me know! Thanks!
  10. 303 DIY

    Yes, yes xoxbox is amazing :) But i search only PCB board in *.brd  To make my self board.  
  11. 303 DIY

    Thank You and Rave On :) This is really complicated project (for me) Something else?
  12. 303 DIY

    There is lot "copy" of legendary 303 :-) Witch is best? Can you write version of 303 avalible for DIY project btw sorry if is off-topic, i didnt know where to ask.
  13. I wish all best to everyone @ midibox.com I have problem to find (sammich_base_rev2.brd) I found only  (sammichSID_Base_PCB.pdf) and (sammichSID_CS_PCB.pdf) I need PCB in*.brd format but i have googled 2 days and nothing... This: C:\Backup Data\MIDIBox 2\lcSID\sammich_base_rev2.brd  i found link on bottom of PDF file But where to search? Does someone know or have 2 PCB in *.brd format for sammichSID If you know how to convert PDF to BRD please help. There is software FAB 3000 for converting PDF to BRD (I saw on Youtube and FAB 3000 site) Unusual this FAB 3000 is IMPOSSIBLE to download trial mode, because ask company name, address etc... BUT only if you are company, other wise is impossible :( I cannot find direct download link... Shortly: I'm searching for sammichSID PCBs in *.BRD format