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  1. The NG and the DSP...

    Sounds good . Thank you Benoit. Joel  
  2. The NG and the DSP...

    Hello guyz, I'm looking for a faceplate of the ASX board (the red one, for the VX keyboards, if I can choose). If someone can give up one of his own, let me know please. Thank you. Joel  
  3. The NG and the DSP...

    Thank you guyz, I succeeded connecting the x-synth to the CME VX keyboard using your advices. I don't know if the MIDI works from the keyboard (because the keybed isn't attached) but it works from the USB. At least, it can be used as a stand alone device connected by USB. Drivers, registration and installing vocodizer plugin worked flawlessly. Joel
  4. The NG and the DSP...

    Hi guyz, I received the iCON x-synth I ordered at (curiously, it ships from Italy). The user manual says to connect the 8 pin FRC connector from the keyboard to the 16 pin FRC connector located on the board. The connector from my CME VX is 8 pin but it's a JST type. I wonder if I can just connect the keyboard to the x-synth... Regards... from Martinique ;)
  5. The NG and the DSP...

    Thank you for the precisions Benoit. I would appreciate the details about wiring the X-Synth board. Thank you. Joel
  6. The NG and the DSP...

    Hi guyz, I read this topic from A to Z and found it very interesting. I own a couple of CME keyboards with a NeoSynth board in one of them. I've been proposed the ASX Plugiator instead but, as I didn't know it much, I prefered the NeoSynth. Now, i'd like to add an ASX board in the second keyboard but I can't find one for a decent price. I found some bargains on iCon x-synth. So, I wonder if I could install one in a CME VX controller. The second solution is to purchase an ASX board. Is anyone willing to sell one of his own ? Let me know ASAP please. Regards... from Martinique ;)