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  1. I just wish it would be possible to implement sth like a numeric keypad, such as the Yamaha QY700 had one. Maybe with a shift-key-function (button-labeling 0123 would be required). Or by addding an external computer-keyboard or USB-numpad...
  2. Would be best if it would stay really open. What encoders are used? What are the small buttons? I'd like to (pre-)order a kit <3
  3. My BiGGeST WiSh iS Notch - This means individual track delay, - positive and negative. For two things this is important: a) Each Midi-Instrument has a different latency in receiving the Midi-Messages. The notch could compensate this for each track individually. Or, even better, for each Port/Channel individually. Maybe absolute, in nano- or micro seconds? Independend of the BPM. Then several synths, drums or samplers could play in unision & absolutely tight n'sync. b) Micro-timing-shifting in minimal music, techno, EDM ect. This is marvellous. A relative to the BPM notch would be cool for this. a) is more important than b) for me, but both are super-duper essential. Powerfull options, & easy to implement? For now there is the groove-menu, but shifting is quite a hassle: the all button doesn't work here and it would be better if we could use grooves as shuffle + notch easily together. This is an essential option in timing precise sequencers.
  4. oh, I am sorry, I was wrong, my mistake! the bug is there: in arp for example: length = 5 steps on the 5th step *+1 play with keyboard while arp is playing 5th step change length to 4 now note is stuck, repeating, not arpeggiating any more, no way to stop this, only by pressing stop
  5. Hi, I am a new owner of the Seq4 I <3 Midibox Would be so coool if: - The arpeggiator would not be limited to 4 notes only. I want to play whole lines with the arp. I'd like to play a whole scale. At least with the *+- steps in the arp. - BUG: in the arpeggiator, while playing a *+- step and I delete that step, a note is stuck and will never stop. - The option to play the notes in the order I play them (and not in reversed order, as it does now with sort=off) - The arpeggiator could optionally restart asynchronous, i.e. retrigger immediately, when hitting the notes on the keyboard, not waiting for the next step in the beat. - There would be more performance tricks as in the BPM menue with the "fire preset function" like: Selecting loops by holding a start and stop-step button (as already thought for BLM) Being able to shift notes without hearing the scrolling (holding a button while scrolling, leaving the button and you hear it) & the same for other edits - Being able to set the probability to other than 50/50. & maybe being able to "connect" steps in their probability (chance of a whole line) - Import / export of patterns from and to Midi-files (is this only possible for songs? Is there a workaround?) - Echo FX: Maybe being able to send echoes to other ports & channels. For echoes of monosynths & as an additional tool for creating complex structures. As I am new, maybe I get the usage of the sequencer wrong in some points, but anyway I think some ideas are important. Such a nice instrument, thanks!
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