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  1. Selling a couple of sammichSIDs over on eBay including one Arctic White Wilba kit built by me about a month ago. They are both sold with SwinSIDs as it has become to time consuming to source original SIDs.  I am an experienced builder and have been making gear for twenty years. Both units have been tested and work great. Starting bid is $99 for each unit.   I am including the recommended Jameco power supplies in each auction.   Arctic white case (built by me): https://www.ebay.com/itm/183833198149   Aluminum case (purchased from eBay seller - but tested working perfectly):https://www.ebay.com/itm/183832014411      
  2. Can’t control volume on my SammichSID

    Solved - 
  3. Can’t control volume on my SammichSID

    I was able to resolve this issue. It turns out SWINSIDs (at least the ones I have) do not have any control over the master volume register. That still doesn't explain why I couldn't control the master volume on my 8580s. I may have had an internal jumper set incorrectly.   After double checking everything and testing SWINSIDs vs 8580s, I have (very noisy) master volume control. 
  4. Can’t control volume on my SammichSID

    I was able to see some pulses on the D pins, but honestly I don't know enough about the design to take this further. I will say that when turning the VOL parameter in the CFG page, I can here 15 or so pops ... and this would seem to represent the 16 volume steps that the SID has ... I just don't get a volume change with the pop. It could be that the PIC isn't sending the right value for each change pulse. I swapped the 74HC595 chips and the problem remains, so I don't think the issue is with those chips. Anybody care to chime in and let me know that turning the VOL parameter actually changes the volume of the output (16 steps)?
  5. Can’t control volume on my SammichSID

    I might try that out today. From the datasheet, it looks like I should see a pulse on pins A3, A4 and possibly D0-D3. 
  6. Can’t control volume on my SammichSID

    If you have a sammichSID, can you check something for me? If you change the volume from the CFG page from 127 down to 0 do you hear 16 steps in volume? I don’t hear any changes until I get below 8 and then it just goes silent? Maybe I have  a failed PIC? I've looked at the datasheet for the SID and my understanding is that the PIC sends a message to the two shift register chips, and then that goes to the A and D pins on the SID. Maybe my PIC isn't sending out the right message to change volume?
  7. I’m having some issues with volume control using either SwinSIDs or 8580s in my sammichSID. When attempting to control the volume from the CNFG page by reducing the value from 127, nothing happens until I get to about 8 and then it just turns off. No gradual change in volume, just on or off.   When setting an LFO to modulate the volume in the mod maxtrix, I only get a rhythmic thumping in time with the rate of the LFO. The volume will cut out at the peaks of the waveform but there is no gradual change in volume. This is with any waveform.   I can can lower the volume of a patch by lowering the sustain level, but that isn’t a good solution for sound design.   Anywhere I should be looking for cold solder joints or bad connections? I figure it must be somewhere between the PIC and the SID, but there doesn’t seem to be any documentation on that.