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  1. I don't have much to add in terms of troubleshooting, but as Latigid mentioned, there's some bits that look like they have too little solder. The thing that really caught my eye was D2, looks like it might be desoldered cathode end. There's a few other bits like that too on the underside (I see some bits are soldered on the upper side, so it becomes hard to see if it's a missed soldering joint or just on the other side of the board. Good luck! :)
  2. @Hawkeye thank you so much for your time! If the song mode is indeed planned and on its way, targeting scene switching/mute unmuting from MIDI should be less of a request (my main use case would be to sequence/trigger it externally. Thanks for the links for the SEQv4 beginner guide and the BLM matrix, I'm going to dive a bit more into everything in this forum about these 2 projects and wrap my head around all this! Cheers! J
  3. Hi Folks, thank you so much for clarifying things for me. @latigid on Thank you for the replies. My workflow usually is using a step sequencer for either some melody/drone/rhythmic jam, but once I settle on something I switch to my musician's brain and perform on top of it the rest of arrangements and orchestrations. For the idea, I want to develop I definitely need some step sequencer of sorts to develop one or more layers of ostinatos, because of the "feel" those sequencers have especially when you start playing with polyrhythms. I don't mind getting a separate step sequencer and when things are settled record the sequencer midi out into the LoopA before overdubbing. So, is there no song mode at all? I mistakenly thought a session could so something of the sorts :) @Hawkeye Heya, thank you so much! Is there any sneak peek info/forum thread/videos on that codename matrix? I've read a few references to it here on the forum but couldn't find anything specific :) So, I think a couple of questions are in order :) - Is the song mode a potential addition on a later firmware?? :) - Can the scenes/tracks be accessible by external MIDI control (ie. an external sequencer takes over the "song structure" duties). - I've been looking around for the SEQv4+ manual but couldn't find one (Thank you for LoopA's one, very useful)
  4. Hiya! I want to say I absolutely love the work done for both the SEQv4 and the LoopA. Although I'd love to build both, space is a factor and the SEQ is too big. I have a question about LoopA (although I think I know the answer by reading the manual): - Does it support step-sequencing style (either playing on a keyboard or entering/dialing a-la Seq4) input? The use case would be "I am really really bad at playing the keyboard and just want to enter it one note at a time" - Maybe I got this completely wrong, but is it possible to somehow enter "events" in a scene (e.g. to move to another scene). I guess the use case would be "I want all my scenes to flow like a song and I finished the arrangement. at step 32 there's an event that triggers scene 2. at step 16 of scene 2 there's an event that triggers scene 3 - which is a duplicate of scene 1 except at step 16 it triggers scene 4". This is reminiscent of Polyend Seq's links - Would the midi files also have the same naming convention as they are displayed (eg. 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 3A, 3B, 3C etc.) for quickly import into a DAW. (or to splice from a DAW into the SD card to be played by the LoopA?) - I've seen someone requesting different lengths per track (eg. for polyrhythms or system music) is this a possibility in a future upgrade? I'm really keen on jumping on a LoopA although I'd have to figure out how to enter step sequences (and polyphonic ones at that). I could edit the midi to heart content but that's too slow for my specific workflow :( Also, my final question for now - non LoopA related - can the SEQ v4 work with just the master module and one section? could it be made to work on a cut down size? This is brilliant, looks amazing, the UI looks like it had many many hours to get the UX right. Great job! J
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