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  1. Hola, after about three years in the pipeline, we are proud to announce the LoopA v2. Thanks to Andy, there are now PCBs - and we have also finished a DIY acrylic case. Public availability (PCB and essential kit for hard-to-get parts) is expected somewhen in June/July, also John from did show interest and wants to resell those boards for the U.S. based folks! The LoopA will definitely not be a beginner DIY project, as some SMD soldering and somewhat precise board interconnection work is needed, but a BOM and a full documentation about the build process will be released, so it should be doable :-). On the plus side you will receive a very compact unit (only 38mm height packing three stacked PCBs), a lot of MIDI interface functionality and a very responsive system that is designed to be "easy to use" and inspirational. Like not starting up your DAW and updating drivers but just sitting at your favourite synth and hacking in some lines! :) Here are the main features: * six polynote tracks linked to individual MIDI configurations * six scenes, allowing for a total of 36 in-memory MIDI clips * graphical note display on an OLED, that shows clip notes and also edit changes like transposition in realtime * four MIDI OUT ports, two MIDI IN ports, one OUT port is configured as an optional BLM expansion port (later) * non-step sequenced recording, clips can be dynamically requantized during live sessions * note-editor for fixing recording errors * transposition, scrolling and time-scaling of clips * disk operations (full recall), storage to SD card * BPM setting and MIDI sync from "upchain" devices like a master MBSEQ Here are some photo session shots of the final unit in the case:         And here is an introduction and "basic features" video:   We will also inform you here about software updates (a few new features are planned in addition to what is already available) - if you want to give us some feedback, or have feature requests, please post them here. But: we might not implement everything, as the idea is to keep the functionality really "slim" for easy use - for everything else there is the bigger brother, the MBSEQ! :) BIG THANKS to TK. and Andy, it would have been impossible to do it without you guys! Many greets, Peter  
  2. LoopA in Action

    From the album LoopA

    LoopA in Action
  3. LoopA Side

    From the album LoopA

    LoopA SD Card slot, case feet and optional "tilted" case orientation.
  4. LoopA Front

    From the album LoopA

    LoopA Front
  5. Microwaved

    Hey, it has been a while, this song sat on the sequencer for too long and had to be finalized one way or another :). Only using the LoopA (i have to get back to MBSEQ goodness soon :) and six MIDI loops in two scenes, hope you like it :) The next videos uploaded will be build videos for the new SEQv4+ and the LoopA, so you will be spared from new songs from me for a while :) Thanks for watching and listening and enjoy the weekend! Many greets, Peter