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  1. Thanks! Waiting for midiphy to ship to the UK again (Brexit, grrrr) to build a CV expander, will post an update picture with the SEQ controlling my Synthi AKS ;)
  2. The problem is that I accidentally reach the control option when browsing thru the list and it kills the track...
  3. Yup, the track is completely in a weird state and has to be init again... lost a few tracks in the past week because of this, now I save before changing anything just in case....
  4. Seems like I will have to print a couple CC lists as well ;)
  5. @latigid on, this will work for one synth only I guess, correct? How would you handle multiple with different CC assignments? I'm coming from squarp pyramid where they have a great feature where you can create a config file for each synth you own that includes all the midi setting and labels for all CCs. Awesome feature.
  6. I'm a total noob as I only started using the seq today, but I'm seeing something weird, repro steps: Make G1T1 a Drum track (2*64/2*128) Go To EVNT -> LayB and scroll thru all the option until you get to the last item in the "list", which is "control" I'm asked to INIT the track <-- BUG? If I go out and don't init, I see Buch of question marks and the track won't play anymore when I hit "play". <-- BUG? Can someone please confirm this is not only happening on my SEQ? Thanks.
  7. Here is mine :) Only heard about this project last week and now I'm the owner of this beautiful beast. Thanks Peter and Andy for all the help (me spamming you) in the last few days :)
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