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  1. Ok, I think I will work with pots, because I want to see the settings and position of the Plugin on the channel strip and don't want to look at the screen to see, which direction the pot is looking at. That would mean, I only need AIN modules, MF modules and cores, right? Do you know, if there is a maximum cascading option for the AIN modules connected to one core?
  2. Thanks for your reply! I thought of choosing normal analog potis for the EQ and the bus section. I know they will not change their position, if I work on another project. But I think that's fine by me. I mean analog mixing consoles worked like this for years. But, if we say I work on project A and change the positions of the potis, then work on project B, the plugins should not change any values as long as I don't touch any potis, right? For now I thought of not using any LEDs for the sake of simplicity. So there just would be 'normal' faders, potis and buttons to operate and 32
  3. Ok, I know this project seems a little too much and it’s probably near impossible of not impossible to do, but I want to try it anyway… I want to build myself a DAW controller based on the design and layout of the SSL Origin console. I don’t need such a big controller and its in no way logical to build one and put this much time in this project, but I just love the idea of having a nearly two meters wide mixing console as the centerpiece of my studio. The plan I created in the last month: The controller should consist of 32 channels with one motorfader and 38 buttons/ po
  4. OK. Sounds good! I ordered all parts needed but just one per piece and will try to get it running. Afterwards I think I will order the rest! Thank you for your help! One generell question I still have, Is there a maximum of controllable faders, potis, etc for Midi?
  5. Thanks for your reply! I'm still not completely sure how to connect multiple AINSER 64. Is it possible to connect more than two like the schematic you send? And another question. Do you know where I can purchase the CORE_LPC17 Module? I cannot find any shop which have them available.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm a complete Newbie in the MIDIbox world, but the last weeks I'm trying to get as much information as possible. But for some questions I could not find an answer. I basically want to build a DAW controller consisting of 32 faders and a channelstrip for every channel. So I quickly use all 64 control possibilities of the AINSER64 module. I read there is a different module wich allows to use two AINSER64 parallel but this still is not enough. Is there a possibility to run multiple Core Modules like the CORE_LPC17 or the version working with two ainser64 (Sorry I co
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