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  1. Hi there, I am trying to get the AINX4 module to work with the PIC based core.   I have the hex code with AIN enabled (and it works with 8 pots),  but when I connect the AIN module with 32 connections I can't get it to work at all.  Am I missing something?  Does the code need to be altered?  I have only two pots working??  This is for an organ project so I need the table to configure keys,  but I also need all the pots as I am converting drawbars on a hammond organ. Help appreciated!   Regards, Ryan    
  2.                                                                         Hello, This is about a new STM32F4 mbhp, a very compact one. This concept is an answer to these three topics: I tried to draw the most compact core and mbhp board. It's an STM32F405RG instead of the regular 407VG. The 405RG is the smallest package of the M4 Series, this is a LQFP64, a 10x10mm package with only 64 pins. Because these two Processor are from the same family, we don't need deep changes in MIOS32. They have exactly the same functions, memory, speed and peripherals. I put the STM32F4 on a DIP-40 format pcb, in order to get a core that can also replace a PIC in some application, I strongly think of my sammichSid. At the same time it must provide the legacy functions and ports of MIOS32 of course. Some compromise have been made in comparison to a 407VG mbhp. - Only 2 MIDI I/O. - J15, the LCD port is now a serial one only(SSD13xx). - No more general purpose port J10x. This is the list of the 'remaining' ports and changes. - J1A and J1B are the USB and Power ports, J1A is compatible with latigid on's USB wCore module. J1B can be a common header on top or a Micro-Match connector on bottom to stack another board under. - J4 is a dual I2C connector, I put both on the same connector to save space. - J5 is a 2 channels only ADC, they can be used for expression pedal input for example. - J8/9 and J19 stay the Legacy 5V SPI ports, the dipCoreF4 includes the octal buffer(74HCT541); - J11 is now a 6pin and 2 MIDI I/O port. - J16E is the 3.3V SPI port, commonly dedicated to the SD Card it is compatible with latigid on's RES-SD modules. it is extended by the Reset input, the user button and 2 outputs for LEDs. - J18 has changed, it is now able to connect a CAN tranceiver, but stay compatible with the MBNET connection. About the dimension, the ensemble is very compact 65x46mm, but the Core can be used alone and measures 51x17.8mm.                   A 3D view of the ensemble(sorry this is not a render, I shoot the screen):   You will find some more information on the dokuwiki, dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4 Feel free to ask me question or give me any constructive criticism. I will order some board very soon, if some want to participate in the tests they are welcome, just contact me. I will provide the beta boards for free I just ask you to play the game and seriously help me to improve it ;) Thank you Best regards Bruno PS: sorry for my English as usual ;)    
  3. MBHP CORE V3 diagram

    A Friend built me a "Core" board, with 4 DIN and 4 DOUT smaller boards. I am looking for the schematic for this board, to see if I can possibly connect some POTS to the board as well.  I am also looking for the circuit diagram of these boards to see how to connect everything.  When I search for MBHP CORE V3, I don't see the diagram for this board, I see something else.  Please help me locate the information and circuit diagram / schematic, so that I know what to connect where.  Thank you in advance.  Regards, Brian.
  4. Hi i have a fault on my mbhp burner the clock pin is always at 5 volts even when clock is switched of in brenner software.   How is the pin turned on and off in the mbhp burner circuit please so i can diagnose. Thanks.
  5. Hello I have assembled and am testing my first mbhp burner module. Everything went fine until testing the vdd pin voltages. The yellow light flashes on and off when I toggle vdd in the p18_18 software but there is no voltage change in the pins. I have noticed that the when testing the vdd pin on the ceramic capacitor line with the vss pin on the opposite side of the socket there is an exact change from 5 to 0 volts. Please can someone advise me what I am doing wrong. Many thanks.
  6. Mbhp burner testing question

    hi im putting together my first mbhp v1+ module and its successful so far but its my first power up and im doing the test procedure does mclr# mean the same as j2? I cant find it on the schematic. Please help :-)

    From the album RTPMIDI_CORE_STM32

    Picture of the first assembled RTP-MIDI CORE STM32F4 board, equipped with the RTP-MIDI OEM module, and doing the first test run.

    © BEB


    From the album Simple-MIDI-Router


    © Elektrophantasten

  9. MBHP DINX4 V2

    From the album Simple-MIDI-Router


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