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  1. OK I need to find a short cable then. Thx!
  2. MBED won't install.
  3. That picture is not a REV D.
  4. The board is different, I cannot get the disk to mount.
  5. I've just done so, same result :-( In the IDE console I have [Started server] [Connected on port 3025] redlink>ProbeList No probes found
  6. Hi, I bought a REV D from mouser, but I cannot flash it. It does show up in Bluetooth & other devices, but from IDE 8.2.2, it does not find the "emulator". I've tried on another computer with the same results. What could it be?
  7. I've tried on another compter and I have the same result. In both cases the board shows up in Blutooth & other devices.
  8. From the document "As supplied, (JP1 - no jumper fitted, JP2 - jumpered across 1-2, JP3 - no jumper fitted), the built in LPC-Link2 based debug probe works as a plug'n'play debug probe with the LPCXpresso IDE. The first time you start an LPCXpresso debug session, a compatible debug firmware image is downloaded to the debug probe allowing you the debug the onboard target MCU." JP2 has no pin thus is not jumpered.
  9. Unfortunately I have the same behavior :-(
  10. There is it, bought from Mouser. When I plug it, the big LED flashes green, nothing shows up on the computer side.
  11. This is the version I'm using. I tried all USB ports, with 4 different cables, resinstalled the drivers, have rebooted, nothing happens. I have actived the IDE, is there another registration? BTW there is a jumper provided with the board, what is it for?
  12. I'm on Windows 10.
  13. Hi, I've tried 4 different USB cables but it won't find the link, any idea? Thx!
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