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  1. New LPC1769 Boards And MIOS

    Haven't posted here for many years.. Quick question: does anyone know if the new LPCXPRESSO, Cortex M3-based devboards from NXP are compatible with MIOS? If so, is it pin-compatible with the old version, and would code for the old version work on it without modification? The old ones that the LPC-based MB Core is based on seem to no longer be available. Apologies if this has already been covered (as I said, I've been away). I did a quick search, but didn't find any posts on it.   Cheers, a|x
  2. LPCXpresso ide

    hello, I'm new in the community, i'm planning to build a midibox with LPC17, but we can't download the LPCXpresso IDE recommanded (5.2.6). Only the ver 8.2.2. have you test it and is there a guide to use it, or is there a place where we can download the 5.2.6 version? Sorry for this question, but I'm new in Midi and microcontrollers. If someone can help thanks for all
  3. Was just having a look @ mouser/embedded artist and the LPC1769 board linked in the Ucapps Core page is now obsolete (924-EA-XPR-003) Is the replacement (924-EAX00242) ok to fit the core lpc17 board? greets, jerome
  4. My Newly downloaded LPCXpresso 5.2.6 for OSX seams to Freeze after clicking on Flash Button. Any other people with this problem? Best Regards Novski