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  1. Ohh one last thing for now: what's the best procedure to install the plastic OLED protector? I thought about hot glue, but maybe there's some better way...
  2. And I’m done! Seriously this was so easy (once I figured out that I needed to reflash the bootloader) thanks to Midiphy sourcing of quality components and a straightforward instruction video. It was fun picking out different color LEDs for the status indicator. Not shown are the first 4 (F1, F2, G1, G2) which are cool white, warm white, red, orange — then green, blue, pink, cool white in the pic. Now let’s see what this thing can do :) (note in the pic the screen looks weird due to the refresh rate of the OLED vs my iPhone camera)
  3. Here’s one small thing that I noticed that I didn’t see mentioned. I hesitate to post it because it’s so trivial, but the 3D light shield on the lower middle key bumps up against the screw holding the top 2 PCBs. Since the 3D plastic is so soft, it was easy to nip off a bit to make it fit flush.
  4. Thanks for the great tech support! I didn't do R101 and R102 because they weren't installed in the assembly video, so I thought they weren't needed (seemed ok since so many other items on the board are also DNP) but now I do see that they are on the BOM spreadsheet. My bad! One thing that would be helpful is to have more prominent links to this forum and wiki from the Midiphy product pages. I only found it by googling to see if anyone else had similar problems. I didn't even know that there was a community here... great! Anyway, I'm super excited to finish this in the morning and ja
  5. So what happened, then? The bootloader somehow got borked? I plugged in the full stack of PCBs and the display shows LoopA Testmode, the LEDs next to the display are flashing in a "chasing" pattern, and the status LEDs for Power, IN1, IN2, BLM are lit but the Footswitch and Gate LEDs are NOT lit. When I turn or push the encoders, it seems I get appropriate test responses on the display and the ring of LEDs. All the keycap LEDs light up. Good?
  6. SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything seems to be working.
  7. No, it was a loose connection on a wire between CN2 and JTAG... doh!
  8. I'm having trouble getting Loopa to connect via USB to load the firmware. I get a red SMD PWR LED on the Waveshare board and that's it. My computer does not recognize that a device is connected, and I don't get the Green LED on the Loopa PCB. I've tested all of the Waveshare header pins for any adjacent continuity, there is nothing touching (only the adjacent 3.3V pins near PA12 show continuity). I checked all of the 3.3V and the 5V pins and they all show the correct voltages. I've tested continuity between the CPU and the header pins, everything is connected to the CPU. I've tested conti
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