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  1. Would you mind posting (or reposting) the BOM and the Eagle files?
  2. It works fine! Thanks!
  3. Cool! I will try tomorrow.
  4. I have a linear, bipolar, regulated ±15V PSU, but I have an AOUT_LC, not NG. Does it work with 15V, too?
  5. Thank you both. I see that my question wasn't really clear. I have a PSU with ±15V laying around and wanted to make a sort of adapter for testing purposes. The parts are on their way now. The image I posted shows two alternatives for the positive half the PSU, and I would use the one on the top and duplicate it for the negative part. Like this one: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=bipolar_12v_psu#center_tap_transformer, but with a complete PSU instead of a transformer on its input. I should probably have posted this one in the first place. I will probably get a transformer
  6. I would like to use my ±15V PSU with my MIDIBox CV, at least for testing purposes. Can I use a 7812 and a 7912 based circuit like in the picture below or is this a bad idea?
  7. :blink: I know I'm not the first to say it, but I find no better word: awesome!
  8. Have you finished that PSU? Would be nice for Core and CV…
  9. thanks :) i didn't find normal 1% resistors at pollin. in this particular case conrad seems to be the cheapest one, you pay 1,76 for a package of a hundred resistors, and i think i'll take 10 of them to be able to choose (unless it's stupid to take so many for 4 aout_lc bords), so it will be 1,56 per pack. i'll probably also take precison trimmers instead of the normal ones. EDIT: i just thought: it probably is _very_ stupid to take so many, for the hours it would take to go through them...
  10. thanks, i wish i had, it's just reichelt has stupidly increased the prices for the 5% ones from i think 2c to 10c per unit :-\ i was still tiping the order for the core, but i thought it would be stupid to pay more for lesser quality ones if there was no reason... for the aout i will get some bags of 100 resistors from conrad and measure... by the way, is it the exact value that counts or the fact they are as near as possible to one another ?
  11. thanks so for the core-module, a 9V, 556mA transformer is ok, and for the aout_lcs ( http://ucapps.de/mbhp/mbhp_opl3_psu.pdf ) i need 2*12V with at least 100mA per wiring, right? by the way do you know whether there's a reason the resistors are coal-types? because as far as i can see metal-film types are both better and cheaper...
  12. i just noticed that reply-notification was turned off in my preferences - no wonder 'nobody ever answers'... sure i'm still interested in that but i know nothing about mios yet, so i suppose there's not much i could do...
  13. Hi, do i need a psu or is the one of the core module enough and i only need a transformer? How many VA does it need to have ?
  14. hab mich gerade durch den thread gelesen - naja, eigentlich durch alle zur midibox cv... verstehe ich das richtig, dass man zum einstellen der midibox windows braucht? oder geht es auch über mac ? sind lcd, taster & encoder notwendig oder geht es auch ohne ?
  15. Would it be posssible to make a samchillian-like* controller based on the MIDIbox? Only for discussion, I have not planned to do this... yet. ______________________________________________________________________ * As I understood it, it is a controller that does not play notes, but intervalls. Seems like a quite ideal controller for monophonic lines.
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