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  1. So I've decided to let this go. Its a rev 2 PCB so there are a lot of bugs all of which have been fixed EXCEPT the cymbal. It works, but its not right. I have the eagle stuff and schematics but I just dont have time to work on this anymore so its sold AS IS. (not all the jacks are installed, they will be when I ship) its 115V AC powered Includes an extra overlay, i had 2 made just in case $450 (less than half what I've spent on it) CONUS preferred.
  2. nice. Need to start paying more attention here, lots of great projects slipping under the radar
  3. any 10 pin female header that style will work, the height on that one wont matter
  4. no compensation needed. I know how these things go. I wish I could have found the actual spot where it was shorting, it definitely wasn't a board problem since I did inspect the underside pins after I cleaned it off and it worked with the new header so that only leaves the solder bridge and that fits the symptoms. Checking for shorts to adjacent I/O pins would have identified the issue, might be worthwhile to spot check a couple in inventory to make sure it was just a fluke and not a batch thing. anyway, that's that.
  5. Solved! And this is some crazy ass shit too: I was friction fitting the core with the mainboard to see if removing the TVS fixed it (it didnt) so the plan was to try the temporary headers like andy suggested with the minimal setup but my trimmed down, solder coated ones were not fitting the sockets i had so I decided just to put new headers on the core, not a big deal, suck out the solder and pull the pins out one at a time. When I did the first row and pulled off the plastic header there was a fair amount of solder where the plastic was (like it puddled there). I just ignored it thinki
  6. good idea. I want to triple check everything before I put the core back on. I use the same diode in a couple device i sell but the list of possible suspects is getting short.
  7. was the alt-page thing ever fixed? so you could scroll up and down in note view?
  8. I cant find anything wrong with the connections on the mainboard, no shorts, no weird resistance. Here's pics of the core. Yes I am aware its set to USB (i was testing it without the mainboard)
  9. >..Before you desoldered the Waveshare daughterboard, i would have guessed the STM32F4 might have been a dud, maybe bad flash memory... But if it starts up and boots the app when powered by mini USB, that's clearly working. And as you said, it must be some connection to the USB port... I thought that too so I swapped the STM chips and it behaved the same way so it wasnt the chip. That was further proven when I took the core off and that worked by iteself. Its something on the mainboard thats hanging it up.. >did you have the onboard Waveshare power switch moved from "U
  10. > Was the v407 breakout actually soldered in? If so, impressive that you managed to get it out so well! Yeah, it wasnt fun. Hot air FTW
  11. ok, some more developments. > Could you try to use another computer and another USB cable for uploading? tried it, no change in behavior. > could you try to enter bootloader hold mode and try to reflash from there? Just got this tip from Robert. You'd need to populate JPA0 and R101 and R102 on the core board and jumper JPA0 - then you should see the bootloader in MIOS studio and could hopefully try to upload again. Just to clarify, I have always been able to see the bootloader ports and upload code. It will occasionally (like 1 out 20 times) start the app with the
  12. Im not sure where to go from here. 1. Power good. 5V and 3.3V where marked 2. rehit all joints on the header, no change 3. Orientation of TVS is correct 4. 22R resistors are fine 5. Tried various USB cables/multiple computers Other observations: the app started once. This was with the mini USB direct to the core, i could not repeat this behavior I can no longer get the miniUSB to do anything, it will start the device since the power led will fade in and out but no USB devices show up nothing is coming out of the midi ports with the main USB
  13. Tried all those already including reflashing the bootloader. I'll go over the core header again
  14. > could you check if you're using the newest MIOS Studio 2.4.9? Check. >Another idea - are you by chance using a Mac no >connect a mini-USB Cable to the waveshare daughterboard Ok, here's where it gets weird. That DOES work. The app will boot and I will get the Loopa ports now. So that means that the main USB seems to be working but there is something hanging up the core preventing it from starting correctly.
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