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  1. how to solder the FM chips on a protoboard ?

    Another exemple on how you can do it. If you go carrefuly, with patience, waiting a little bit before soldering two IC leads (to avoid getting the device too hot and damage it). http://www.axoris.be/MissParkerPlus/pics/AL3201.jpg ... Ok, I agree, looks like a spider with such long legs, but anyway, it works.... :P Xanboroon
  2. Hello All, Just to inform all the guys still interrested in our projects based on the AL3101/AL3201 DSPs that we now have an daughter board adding an AL3201 DSP to the system. Edit: And for the SID fans, here are some direct links to audio samples: SID Arpeggio without effect: http://www.axoris.be/MissParkerPlus/demo/Phaser_Hall2-SID-off.mp3 SID Arpegio with Phaser and Reverb:http://www.axoris.be/MissParkerPlus/demo/Phaser_Hall2-SID-on.mp3 To refresh your mind: Miss Parker: Open-hardware, open-source multi-effect pedal based on the AL3101 DSP with USB connectivity, Miss Parker +: Daughter board with an AL3201 onboard to add reverb/delays types of effect to Miss Parker, More info, pictures, sound samples here: http://www.axoris.be/MissParkerPlus.htm BTW, the tools are also updated, check the news section on the website... For the Axoris Team: Xanboroon
  3. ebay scum (fao: AXEL)

    Hey Moebius, Thanks for the publicity for Miss Parker, at least one guy of the uCapps forum seems to have interrest in our "almost DIY" DSP stompbox... :-) Miss Parker is indeed a good exemple of the futur of what DIY can be. All specs, schematic and layout done by our team. PCB realised by an external professional company because of the complexity. But all components soldered by someone (I means not by a machine...:-) ). Ok, I must admit to be honest that in the team we are three Electronical Engineers and that the guy who has designed the layout and soldered the components on the PCB made use of the equipment of the company where he works and he is quite good at this... See the empty PCBs: http://www.axoris.be/MissParker/pics/PCB_empty.jpg See the same PCB but with component: http://www.axoris.be/MissParker/pics/PCB_populated.jpg Looks really profesional, no ? :-) But again, like lot of people, I think SMD is not impossible to solder if you have correct tools (not all the package but some of them) ... But it's true that DIY will evolve to someting much more "professional" where you will need to train you skills. I also believe that anyway, everywhere in the world there are a lot of people with so much imagination that solutions for DIY hobbyist will anyway pop-up whatever how the technology will evolve. Modular approach with premade small modules that you can interconnect with a lot of possibilities are indeed a good solution and a step to ease the DIY for people that don't have acces to expensive tools or are not expert in soldering SMD components... Xanboroon PS: BTW, SmashTV, you can see that I'm not again premade PCBs... For instance the Miss Parker PCB is something that I'm really not enough competent to realise it myself...
  4. ebay scum (fao: AXEL)

    I still have one remark about all these DIY/non-DIY boundaries. It seems that the friends of Vercengetorex will not solder/wire the box, but still, they will have to customise source code to fit their "customized" CS... Lot of possible problems in perspective: burning the PIC (you all know what I mean..  ;)..), download code, hours spend to read the forum to find solution, etc... means lot of time spent on the project. So, they are in fact just skipping the HW part of the project... And, for me even if it's not fully DIY project in their case, it make no difference with people that are not etching their PCBs.... People that are buying premade PCBs are also skipping a interesting part of the HW DIY project... It's also a great fun to spent time trying to etch a PCB, miss a mirror option (Tu connais ca,hein, Lall ? :-) ...), forget the board in the chemical products, and not without forgetting a really boring part: drilling all these fu***** millions holes without destroying the board :-) , etc... So, yes, where are the boundaries ? I'm trying to build a midibox since 2 years know, and I'm far from the end point... I already spend twice the money of the equivalent price of a commercial product... If sometimes during these two years I felt discouraged by the amount of work and be tempted to buy premade PCBs, I always felt that when the project will be finished and that a friend will see the "beast" saying "Wow ! Where did you buy this wonderful box ?". I can only answer proudly: "I made it myself..." if I really tried to make the maximum myself in the project.... Including etching PCB, soldering parts, frontpanel, case, etc... If buying premade PCBs or asking a friend to solder the box can help theses guys to enter ("by the small door"- french expression...) the great community of the DIY, this is not a problem for me.... Xanboroon PS: Just that I will feel more confortable if Vercengetorex  ask something else than money to these guys: A good restaurant, a "beer" party or something else would be more appropriate to fit the DIY spirit...
  5. Pin allocation in SEQ

    Thanks Thorsten !, Ok, I understand now. And the reason for the fixed direction is that for these GP buttons/LEDs we only have to specify the SR used. It's clear now. But this should not be a to big problem for our cabling problem. Once we are sure of our design we will surely publish it on the portal. Xanboroon For Rowan: We already think to this possible solution, But on this PCB there are no ICs, only Encoders, LEDs and D6 Buttons. And the problem is to solder the D6 buttons where access to the pins of the buttons from the top side will be a nightmare.
  6. Midibox Gathering \\UPDATE//

    Very nice idea, I'm also interrested !!! You can put me on the list....
  7. Midibox Gathering \\UPDATE//

    Very nice idea, I'm also interrested !!! You can put me on the list....

    Salut Gilles, Au fait, sorry je n'ais pas encore eu l'occasion de t'envoyer de mail pour te confirmer que j'avais bien recu les encodeurs et te remercier encore au passage pour cette commande groupee... Et comme je passais negligement sur le forum, voila c'est fait... A+ Xanboroon
  9. The VirtuAL3101 tool suite for AL3101

    Hi pay_c, The fact is that our initial plans for the MuFFin was to use a "big" DSP like a Motorola or SHARC from AD. The AL3101 alone is a little bit to small to allow big applications. We have foreseen the possibility to extend the Miss Parker with an AL3201B to have all those "delays" based effect. But again, even with the combination of the AL3101 + AL3201B you will not be able to achieve the power of the Chameleon. The fact is that we are also already short with the ez-usb: almost 100% of ressources are used (Lall, correct me if I'm wrong on this point). So, I'm not sure that It will be possible to extend the UI with an LCD...

    100 encodeurs pour moi....

    Ben, c parti alors...  ;) 100 encodeurs pour moi... Tu me dis combien je te dois au total et quand tu veux que je te fasses un payement paypal... Et hop... Voila pour moi...  :)
  12. Ecart entre les potars et entre les faders

    Ca depend de la taille de tes doigts aussi...  ;D

    Salut Gilles, Tu as une petite idee de quand tu passeras la commande ? Ted, pour Paypal, vas jeter un oeil sur www.paypal.com. Tout est bien explique dans l'help... En gros resume, tu t'inscris en filant un numero visa (ou autre...) et les renseignements d'usage (adresses, etc...), puis quand tu veux payer quelqu'un tu te loggue sur leur site, tu vas dans le menu 'send money' et tu files l'adresse eMail du gars a qui tu veux envoyer de l'argent, tu precises le montant, et voila... ta carte visa sera debitee du montant... J'espere que ce resume est assez clair... :-) A+ tout le monde... A+ Xan
  14. The forum game

    Kid Paddle http://kidpaddle.kidcomics.com/ Ho, yeahh... Don't forget to play to the game of the month (Sprotch Snails) http://kidpaddle.kidcomics.com/en/citygame.html# ;D
  15. The forum game