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  1. Nokia 5110 LCDs

    Hey... Well, i dont have a 100 peices yet but yes I'll post final prices of course...The thing is with these 5110 LCDs is the only ones I've had success with (from the get-go with the already-made-driver) is the type that feature 2 resistors visable inside from the underneath, theres another type without these resistors that wouldnt work...so the dood I get em from just puts the ones with the resistors in aside when he comes by them...so is never sure on a end amount...but it looks like a enough will be available - just may take some time to accumilate... Will keep everyone posted, thanks... D
  2. Nokia 5110 LCDs

    okay, here's a pic with the LED's I added - apologies for the quality (used me shitty phone cam which don't do the details justice)... The overall brightness is actually pretty even in reality and the 'bright spots' (as in the photo) are not as harsh...however, mebbe some improvements could be made before proceeding. I used 'topview' 0603 type which are very small but I think 0805 might fit in fine...also placing the LEDs on theyre sides (so they emit light sideways) will improve balanced more so... Theres always one...Do you wanna do a similar thing? I get them from someone who gets them from someone else. Price wise - not sure but should be around £1/per lcd or under depending on quantity...so a complete kit with PCB/components shouldn't be much when compared to say a regular 16x2 CLCD...ok? Best, D
  3. Nokia 5110 LCDs

    good stuff :) ok, so how many are peeps looking to get? I need to work out how many pcb's to get fab'ed and then can work out a final cost. Also what colour LEDs for backlighting? Does everyone want bright blue ones? (i will get those pics up over the weekend!)... JohnH, yes it'd be a complete set - so LCD, PCB, LEDs, Components (like in the pics posted - except a smarter looking pro fab'ed pcb)... Is everyone happy with the connector on the back like that? I used a 16pin ic socket as it covered a wide area - so when it sat on regular pin headers on the main pcb it was rigid - you could also run many of them together in a line on stripboard say and save on wiring hassles ;)
  4. Nokia 5110 LCDs

    Hey... I've come across a bunch of Nokia 5110 LCDs which work with the PCD8544 driver already written. These LCDs use the rubber type thingy connector pad but I've successfully made a pcb with the added components (as shown in this pdf: http://ucapps.de/mbhp/mbhp_lcd7_pcd8544_cheap_single.pdf) and a connector for simple attachment to a pinheader or such. Here are some pics of the proto brd i etched n tested: I've since added some tiny 0603 bright blue leds which backlight it v nicely...will get some pics up soon as i get some more batts for the cam ;) If I get a bunch of these pcb's made up with proper plated pads n such, and do like a lcd kit type thing (with the additional components added perhaps) would there be any interest? Peesh! D
  5. Jumpers/Bridges Question

    looks fine ;) indeed you can!
  6. infra red sensor

    Hi, Did anyone have any success with the GP2D12 sensor? I picked up a couple and used this buffer: http://engin.swarthmore.edu/~adobos1/e58/hover/index_files/image017.jpg but with just a positive voltage and no negative voltage (opamp - pin connected to ground). I can get values from around 38-127 but am unsure how to code mios to make it see the lowest value as 0 so i can get a 0-127 range...any ideas? Thanks!
  7. AM's digital/analog polysynth project

    Hey, Sounds great Andrew all this...good luck!! Not much to add but have u come across this before: http://www.avrx.se/ reminds me of midibox FM a lil :) Cheers, Dan
  8. 24 dB VCF von Curtis - Sammelbestellung?

    Hey Fabian, Ah, no worries then...;) Nah, in the UK... Best, D
  9. 24 dB VCF von Curtis - Sammelbestellung?

    hmmz, i didn't realise there was a group order goin on for these CEM chips until this thread started talking english....and tk mentioned it in another thread - has orders ended? cheers,
  10. Mackie d8b motorfaders

    Here's the PDF's... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Thanks to jeroddumas  ;)
  11. Hey, Useful? http://nickciske.com/tools/binary.php ;)
  12. 20 led ledring

    Yup. i got lucky on ebay a while back with em - picked up a set of 5 for less then 1/2 of one retail as i remem... So no-one has any ideas bout making use of the LED bar? I've opened up one of the faders and can quite easily cut tracks on the LED pcb in there - would it be best to cut the COL lines? then the rows can all be joined up to... I would prefer if mios can make use of it 'as-is' tho  ;)
  13. mixers

    For some inspiration search over at thelab, plenty to go there ;) http://www.prodigy-pro.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=2 Or you could buy a simple line mixer Steve describes - Rane springs to mind for a simple 1U line mixer...
  14. Bended MIDIbox SID engine

    moxi - sounds great :) is this stereo filtrex ur own pcb layout or are you using bought ones from the oakley site? Will you be putting the mods ya made on a webpage when ur good n ready?  ;)
  15. Hey, Just been playing about with one of these that I got ages back: http://www.pennyandgiles.com/docGallery/85.PDF The encoder works great - 0 at bottom, hitting 127 when at top ;) now the thing is, it has 20 internal leds that i'd like to use as an led indicator showing current encoder value (like normal led ring) but the leds are connected in a matrix which is dif to the normal way used with mios - here we have 4 cols and 5 rows - as can be seen in the PDF diagram... I guess i need to edit ledrings.inc to implement this correctly right - any initial pointers to go on? Thanks!