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  1. SwinSID Ultimate

    I ordered 2 boards, as yogi said and the SSU developer confirmed pal and ntsc are not exactly 1Mhz while TK states that in mbsid the sid receives 1Mhz from Core::J7:SO/PIC Pin #17. The sid will need tuning, but I'd rather tune all the other instruments to the sid instead :D As soon as I receive them I will try them and let you know  
  2. For Wilba`s bulk order, to prevent any contact problem: My address is

  3. MIDIbox CV V1.2

    thank you TK!!
  4. thanks everyone :D  I tried to hook the keyboard to the synth  after I shot these photos but the synth is heavier than the minikeyb ^^ I must put some sustain plexiglas cylinder on one side as soon as I have time ^^. The knobs feeling is not very good, I took these at RS electronics because they were cheap, therefore not very robust too.. about the pcb, I'll edit this post with the images as soon as I go back to my home. Honour to W for the idea and for the cutting of the baseboard ^^ Cimo: grazie, the casio I used was sa-65 found on ebay, midiboxed thanks to qbas sm and vel driver (thank you very very much qbas).
  5. Thank you all ^_^ I wretched a Casio and cutted the keyboard part, breadboarded a core and  1dindout for the mini keyb matrix. I use the same systems for doors to put the mbsid over the keyboard in korg ms20 style (not shown in the picture tho). Nils: I think I'll put something more useful than a lfo display there ^_^ the panel design is 1 year old as V2 was released after I received the panel from schaeffer :(
  6. Not an Aston Martin like the mb6582 which are being produced by everyone ^_^ there is a cutted mb6582 baseboard inside, and the white square hole will probably accomodate a xy pad  or a Glcd with pic based oscilloscope. Sorry for the photos, I have to dim these leds and throw away my mobile phone camera. Thanks to all who made this possible, TK, Smash and Wilba and of course the community ;)
  7. Hello Mat, please note that this function is implemented in the env section of the complete control surface when the CTRL button is toggled to Assign. you could add the 5 encoders and the CTRL button, so that they control both the env parameters and the on screen parameters. for the 4*20 display I'm not really sure as I have a 2x20 display.
  8. MBHP AOUT_NG module release

    I have no words.. like Indiana when he talks with his father in the dirigible. Happy birthday TK! Awesome Mr. Stoeckl!
  9. 3372 VCF

    Ahoyhoy Gav! I have some 3372, not had already the chance to test them to my sid (waiting for aoutng). Thanks for the link tho!
  10. Ahoyhoy Alcoloic! I had your same problem yesterday as soon I stuffed my panel with the lcd. the lcd had a different ground respect to the rest of the midibox, I'm 70% sure your problem lies in incorrect grounding, I solved the issue by connecting the din/dout chain ground to the chassis, so that the lcd and the DIN/DOUT had the same ground. check it!
  11. selling my Midibox SID on ebay

    Hello Julien, I hardly reply in sales requests to avoid to feed the endless discussions TK very often dislikes. In your case I felt necessary to say my opinion though, because I frankly liked your activity inside the community and seeing this post shocked me a little bit. Especially in your affermation "stop to be angry be creative", especially seeing you ask questions in the forum on how to implement lfo, valuable knowledge (in term of human collaboration and natural value, not economical value) to achieve personal profit. There's no point in attacking you, I hope you'll interpret my post not as an attack, but as an occasion to think about how much you learned sticking to the spirit of the community until now and how much you can learn in the future! And how much we all can benefit for someone willing to learn like you. Money puts an abyssal shadow over all of these brilliant prospectives.

    I don't like your tone, reading these lines made me feel like when you're about to download something and a BANNER pops up. I can prove that Optimus Prime isn't that good, well, he's good at sexual abuses. ;) p.s.: this topic is a proof of what an idiot is capable of to reach 300 posts ^_^
  13. A rumble came from the Defecation Lab. One of the most weird place, were sound traveled over a particular medium: shit. The security camera recordings showed a postman entering the Defecation Lab with a package bought from ebay with the transformers logo on it, and never getting his way out from the marshmallow brown light emitting lab. (...) "I'm back home!" I screamed with loud voice. The shit, with a sudden absorption, brought the message to a fairy creature, the owner of the lab, an EVIL SINK. A zap of energon struck my spine and I literally fell in the shit, which penetrated my ears and delivered the following message: "YOU DAMN AUTOBOT BITCH! I, MEGATRON SINK, WILL PUNISH YOU FOR YOUR TRANSFORMATION FLIRT WITH OPTIMUS PRIME". to be continued anticipation: To defend himself from Megatron Sink, Sounduke transforms into a dildo thanks to the hard training superimposed by Optimus Prime in his seduction sessions.
  14. MBSID V2 Drums Teaser #2

    Maybe something related to the display printing "GAS"? KABOOM er TK that explosion was that BD or you forgot to turn off the gas? Cool drums TK!
  15. The forum game