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  1. CEM3396 Synth

    I am working on a project to get the CEM3396 alive. I have programmed a Arduino to output 2 midi controlled, freq modulated, independent square wave oscillators. I also have programmed a LFO with saw+, saw-,sin,tri,square and S&H. I also have programmed a 6 part envelope generator. To envelope 6 voices at 1 time, so you need at least 2 of them. I also have programmed a midi master module to send seperate midi to the specific voice. I am working on a voice PCB with the filter options like the xpander from Oberheim. If i am ready to let you hear or see something, i will post it.
  2. I am searching for 58 button caps for MB SEQ V4 tactile switches (12x12). If someone has these in his drawer, please contact me.   Regards, Pim.
  3. SEQ v4 CS PCB clone

    I suggest to close thuis thread to avond this endless quarrrel. Open a new one heen the boards are ready to order.
  4. SEQ v4 CS PCB clone

    Hi Lisa, Did you order yet or could you put me on the list? Regards, Pim.
  5. Zyscom LCD 4x20 (ebay)

    Hi, Connections are mostly the same on every type of display. Try this: . The datasheet is there.   Regards, Pim.
  6. Searching PCB MBSeq V4 CS

    I am looking for a PCB MBSeq V4 CS. If you have one left, i want to buy itfrom you.
  7. Searching PCB MBSeq V4 CS

    I am looking for a PCB MBSeq V4 CS. If you have one left, i want to buy itfrom you.
  8. YM2151 FM Arduino shield

    I have made an Arduino shield powered by the YM2151. This is a 8 voice FM synth witch is also in the DX21 and DX100. I have ordered 10 PCB's so if anyone is interested, i sell them for 25 euro's ex. shipping. It comes with a sketch to control it completely through Midi. I have also made a panel in CTRLR to control all of the shield. Demontsration at:  
  9. I would like to have a standard message in my lcd. When a enc is changed, the value of the enc should be visible in the lcd. After a few seconds, the standard message must be replaced. Is this possible? In the standard message are the values of a few enc's.
  10. Complete SEQ V4 pcbs

    Do you still have the st32f4 baseboard with midi out expansion. As i am interested.   Pim.
  11. No sound 18f4685

    I had forgotten to change the rb2 and 3 back to  re1 and 2. Now i did and the sound is good, but the d0 to d4 lines are still high with the interconnection test. So this test is not good for the 18f4685. Problem solved.
  12. No sound 18f4685

    i have now tested with 18f452 and its sounding great. When i put in the 18f4685, there is no sound at all.
  13. Selling my MBSEQ V4

    I am sorry i did not respond to you earlier, but i missed your post. It is sold.   Best regards, Pim.
  14. No sound 18f4685

    I am testing everything, but what i want is the sammichFM software.
  15. No sound 18f4685

    I did consider that, but i used the same hex file for the 4685 and 4620. I consider also that this file may not completly exchangable but i got some sound from my opl board.