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  1. Hallo zusammen,   folgendes Problem:   Der Sammich ist soweit aufgebaut. Nur der finale Bedienfeldtest schlägt fehl da alle Knöpfe ab Nr. 5 sowie die Menü-Taster und Encoder keinerlei Mux von sich geben. Nach nochmaligen Check (Spannung, eventuelle Brücken etc.) durch mich als auch durch meinen Vater komme ich an dieser Stelle einfach nicht mehr weiter. Hat irgend jemand noch eine Idee was die Ursache sein könnte? Habe die Testfirmware probiert und alles geprüft. Register getauscht usw. Nichts hilft .... :-( Falls jemand helfen kann der aus dem Raum Leipzig ist, bitte melden.   Gruß, Christian
  2. *Facepalm*....

    1. Hawkeye


      what was wrong? :-)

  3. Sammich TS Menue Buttons/ Encoder

    ... damn ... cut the pins as you said hawkeye. Measured - short between the pins on the pcb still there - now at ic socket. Where is this f***ing error??
  4. Sammich TS Menue Buttons/ Encoder

    I think its the network. Maybe wrong part number. But i cant get it off the pcb. Any advice for desoldering the RN?
  5. Sammich TS Menue Buttons/ Encoder

    Here we go, uploaded the app with the result that ic2 does not work. Just pulled the ic's again and measured for shorts between the pins of the RNs. And tada ... :shocked: ... short between first and last pin of RN1. See the picture. I think it makes sense now. As it is the pin IC2 is linked to. But where is the bridge? The solder points are looking fine IMO. Any suggestions?
  6. Sammich TS Menue Buttons/ Encoder

    okay just found this app. Will give it a try when home.
  7. Sammich TS Menue Buttons/ Encoder

    Hi Janis, measured again all points. The IC have all their 5v. Measured with and without ic's plugged. I just dont get it. Is there anyone who can provide me an older firmware for uploading? Other ideas?
  8. Sammich TS Menue Buttons/ Encoder

    Hi, here the pictures. Handy cam. The network resistors soldered all in the same direction. Dots face the display so the dots align to the dots on the pcb.
  9. Sammich TS Menue Buttons/ Encoder

    As i said, after work i'll be in the chat. did not take any pics yet but i'll do so ;-)
  10. Need someone who can help with my sammichSID ... *arrrghhh*

  11. Sammich TS Menue Buttons/ Encoder

    Hi, problem is still there. Resoldered all points including ic2, resistor bulk, switches, encoder. Made another voltage check, which was ok. Also checked voltage with inserted ic. Everything seems fine voltages are there where they have to be. Changed ic1 with ic2 both works in socket ic1. But no response from the menue buttons or the encoder. Q: Is it right that the bulk resistors face all the same direction? Maybe a software problem? I'm at work so i can't have a look at it. Any advice for a application for testing the functions? Please help. If anyone is living in Nürnberg and could give assistance i would be glad (today or next week, i stay at NB over the week). Also assistance over google/hangout/skype/chat even twitter would be ok after work.
  12. Sammich TS Menue Buttons/ Encoder

    Hi, finished soldering my sammichSID. Voltage test was ok. Mios up and running, also uploading application sammich .hex v2.40 was no problem. Went step for step through build guide. Sids not placed yet. Last step was to install the shift registers. Now my problem. My 4 menue buttons and the encoder doesn't function. Made a check of all nessesary soldering points and also again a voltage test on ic2 but did not find a mistake. The other buttons work fine. Am i overseeing something? Is there any hint to get the error. Also tried another register ic but problem is still there. I dont get it ... :unsure: Hope you can help me. Searched the forum already but the solutions and problems didn't match mine. My board is revision 2 if that matters. Hoping for sammich, Christian
  13. Haz to finish itz sammichSID

  14. Good move to post it at matrix site. Should be read by many synth users.
  15. GM5x5x5 als Midi-Router oder Merge/ Thru-Box?

    Mit MIOS Studio geht sowas auch ?? Hmm muss ich mir mal ansehen. Miditrix schaut auch simpel aus. Werd alles mal antesten. Danke für Eure Tips Jungs! :flowers: