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  1. The quick duplicate only works with dedicated Copy/Paste buttons, right ? I mean, it's not supposed to work with the ones in the Utility menu.
  2. I have the MBSeq sending clock to all my hardware gear. Via USB, it's connected to a laptop with Ableton. I can have either Live be the master to the MBSeq, which again is the 'master' for the h/w gear - or sync Live as slave to the MBSeq. It is working fine and without sync problems for me in both directions. Ableton Live's MIDI clock handling is fine, it's the interface and drivers that matter.
  3. Good stuff! Care to enlighten us a bit on the setup ?
  4. The pre20 works great, no issues anymore with the Rec button. Thanks a lot. Regarding the quantisation, I think it's ok if it's known/documented in the manual as it is.
  5. Probably not :rofl: I did a lot of jamming and recording yesterday night, and came across a similar issue when recording to an 8-layer drum track part by part (i.e. first the claps, the hi hats, then snare etc.) While in live recording, whenever I hit a note on a step that already contained some triggers it sounded as if only the live played note was sounding, and the triggers already in the track are silenced. They were recorded alright and everything was fine once I stopped tapping in notes. Example: Record a clap to beats 2 and 4. Tap a 8th note hi hat pattern. While tapping this in, the claps on the 2 and 4 are not sounding. Stop tapping, both clap and hihat are sounding. /edit: just forgot: I usually have the quantising around 40%.
  6. Are the any program changes involved ? This might cause the bass synth to "hang" for a moment. Also, instead of the start/stop you should use the "Ext. Restart" on the BPM page, one the coolest features of the MBSeq.
  7. Phew, so it's not just me :smile: , already wrote about it here:
  8. Hmm, I can't get the live recording to work anymore (nothing is recorded). I've tried to switch back to 4.086 and there it's fine. Is there a purpose for the "Bus" Parameter in the MIDI Setup page ? i.e., do I have to use a bus ? Also, when pressing the dedicated "Record" button, it gets stuck in the Edit / "LIVE RECORDING" view. /edit: got it! Have to turn the "Mode" from T&A (default) to "Rec" Still, the getting-stuck-in-edit remains for the dedicated Rec button.
  9. Nice one, now it works perfectly. Actually, it's a very easy way to get variations and breaks, especially when combining with probability. Thanks TK !
  10. The "Nth" Parameter is an awesome idea, thanks for bringing it up Pawaga. And thanks to TK for the quick implementation. I've got just a "logical" issue with it: Starting the sequencer from stop position. The "nth" action is carried out actually the first time it comes across, and the is repeated n bars after. Eample: If I have for example a usual clap on the downbeat of 2 and 4 and want some ghost/break clap every second bar. Using just 16 steps, I put the regular claps on the downbeat and the break claps on some other steps with a "nth" parameter assigned. If I assign "Pl 2" to those off beat claps, I personally would assume the are played every second bar, i.e. the first run through / first bar it is not triggered, but only the second bar. I can simply create the desired effect by using the "mute" instead of play in this 2 bar pattern, but it gets confusing I think when for example you want just some break claps every 4th bar (standard techno, you know .. :smile: ). Using "Pl 4" the break would apprear in bar 1, bar 5 and so forth ... instead of in bars 4, 8 etc. Long story short, I think it just about how the "nth" bar is counted from the start.
  11. Some recent ideas from jamming with the Seq: Random page: Would be nice if the random function could be forced to scale, i.e to create some musical results directly into the track. (I've never used the random page really before, but I absolutely love the results when combined with force-to-scale), Step View: I've recently forced myself to create longer patterns, to get out of the usual 1bar / 4 bar loop trap. I found it quite useful to use the Step View to get an overview of whats going on on the track or to determine at which points some variations could be played in. Only disadvantage: step view is a momentary function at the moment. I'd love to see an option which could change the StepView to a permanent view. If a GP is pressed afterwards, the according section is called up. If step view is pressed again, it returns to the previous page (presumably Edit).
  12. This is the key feature of note repeat that makes the MPCs so magical and expressive!
  13. I would prefer to keep the GP-hold method, it's very much like parameter locks on the Elektron machines, very intuitive. Edit+a GP for permanent step rec could work as well.
  14. I like the well defined, clear and still grooving bottom end of that track!, well done! Care to tell us which machines you used ? Especially for the sample shredding.
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