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  1. Midibox'ere i Norge?

    Wow ;-) Da er vi offesiellt 2 ;-) Jeg kjører fremdeles mbseq v3 i en "prototype" trekabinett Funderer på å gå i gang med å få en skikelig kasse/koffert på'n... men mangler tid/motivasjon Bruker heller tiden til å lære meg bruken,,, den er noe avansert, og litt for omfattende ;-) Fikk du tak i chippen i norge (kunne tenkt meg å bygge sid og fm'n) Ole P
  2. 10k1Box project - dead and deleted?

    Ahh ... many thanks for the info.  I thought it was a "midibox sblive combo" of some kind.... I don't need multi i/o
  3. Hi   I'm searching for info about the 10k1box project, but can't find a working url.... Could someone please in short explain what the project was about? Thnx in advance :-)
  4. In danger of repeating myselves...... ZynAddSubFx!!!! again.... ZynAddSubFx!!!! omg!!! Absolutely wonderful synth !!! The different flawors of sound synthesis that this pieze of software can do!!! I've been playing this for a week now running from JAD distro (In know it was my 3rd alternative distro,,, but I like the Suse-ish over Pure:dyne..... cause I'm a linux newbie and will allways be) I control zynaddsubfx with my maudio keystation pro88 (to feel how midibox64-ish controller should be layed out) I'm not sure if I will use two 2x40 lcd panels or a touch 10,2" touch lcd, I guess using 2x40 lcd's will need many modification to mios...  Using a touch lcd will easen the patch selection and navigation.... Using a 10,2" lcd will also occupy large space, leaving not many options to fit many pots on a 3U panel.. Btw.... I stumbled over an italian synth that use linux and zynaddsubfx + + (can't find th correct url now...)  I will update thread if I find the synth again.... update: found it... http://www.lionstracs.com/ I've just downloaded some drum patches for zyn,,,, time to start up mbseq and have some fun for a couple of hours... cheers!
  5. After another week, testing and searching the web..... I kindof have a conclusion... I guess best software option realizing this "project" is: Use a Linux distro with realtime kernel. I guess ranked from top: Pure:dynehttps://devel.goto10.org/puredyne, Agnula/demudi http://www.agnula.info/, JAD http://jacklab.org Sounds: ZynAddSubFX http://zynaddsubfx.sourceforge.net Hardware: Small factor motherboard with good cpu (AMD64 2GHz, 1GB ram, 2.5" harddrive, CF storage for pathes/instruments.  Soundcard:  Onboard with spdif I/O Graphics: none My plan/hope is to boot this with no xwindows, starting jackserver with zynaddsubfx patched to i/o.  Midibox set to control all needed parameters including patchchange. To program/change the unit I will use a laptop with ssh (Jackrack looks interesting too, to utilize an "all kinds off effects box".  Maby a duo Jacjracj + zynaddsubfx... I've tried to run the above on a VIA533 embedded computer from CF only..... sadly there is not enough power.... I guess the new breed of VIA based mobos can be powerful enogh... 
  6. Jesusonic

    Well,,,,, Jesusonic lacks totally in the midi-department.  And Reaper is not a good alternative, even if you can run Jususonic fx's etc..... oh well,,,
  7. Penguin Powered ? - fedora & EnergyXT

    Speaking of distros, I've just installed and will test JAD  reatime kernel and a selection music apps (Ardour etc) http://www.jacklab.org/ Sweet new GUI too,,,,
  8. Jesusonic

    Thank you SO much for finding and posting this!!!  Ole P
  9. Stumbeled over this hobby project, just had to post it here:http://www.dreamfabric.com/blt/mono.html I liked the sound,,,,  I have an embedded box,,,, add linux + java + this kind of app and ofc. midibox (allmost midibox blue) Ahhhh my head blows.... If I only were a programmer ;-) I've tried to use my initial setup (shuttle barebone + kxdriver (asynth + drumsynth) ) but to get this setup going.... the downs so far: - need to manually set the midi every time on the synths (does not save the selected midi-ins) - must use midiox (unstable) The above steps must be set (and monitored) all the time - > not a chance to use without keyboard, mouse and screen oh well..... I will fight this thing.... I want one of those midibox blue-synths :-)
  10. I like your initial though to reuse "old" soundcards (add to the list: Yamaha DSP Factory, SW1000Xg, DB50XG etc).. For a DIY opensource projects like midibox-ish types, I think soundblaster Live / Audigy2 is easier to get 2nd hand or new.  Their cheep, and with the kxdriver project, it's great to tweak to individual usage..  I guess for those allready sitting on a quality "old" soundcard, reuse is great ;-) Ole P
  11. You posted a link earlier to win98lite as an optional os.  Even embedded w98 like http://www.embeddingwindows.com/ would not occupy more than approx 20MB leaving plenty space for storage or "scratch space" on a 1GB CF card.  Even adding a 2nd CF to IDE adapter to the setup will be cheep :-)  One internal CF for OS, and 1 external accessible CF for storage etc.... I use a 3U industrial enclosure today with my Creamware setup.  It's solid and heavy..... too heavy... I also find the pc/server 3U industy enclosure too deep (allmost the deep as wide)  I want to be able to easy carry the "PC-midibox-synth" hopefully in a rackbag... Prof: Do you plan to only use Converter or as a multipurpose synth-midibox-pc? (As I still have some old motherboards with fanless intel pentium 233, I guess I could stuff it inside a 1U enclosure as a Converter only box.)
  12. Why would you use the LTC Prof?  Have I missed something?
  13. Not actually 2U enclosure,,,,, http://www.origenae.com/en/htpc_s21t.htm Imagine what could be stuffed inside this enclosure......  I guess it's for those with a xxl wallet.....  ;D ;D
  14. Hi   After spending some quality time with the V3 lately, I miss indicators for 32 step tracks (without switching to 17-32 with the button) Is it possible todo a 32 step dual led/button matrix?  As I've not studied the mios part of mbseq v3 I'm not shure if this is a minor or a major modification to the 16step matrix... I've searched the forums for the above topic, couldn't find many answers if this is possible... Even just a 32stepx4track presentation with dual leds would be great...
  15. I'm not sure if I understand what to try to do with the LTC?  LTC (Com) is just another way to communicate with the PC isn't it?  Not sure what the LTC will do as a positive effect..... (my attemps so far trying to use a widowz serial to midi driver for the LTC is not sucsessful, in fact I haven't yet got it going) Why use LTC? Edited:  After reading my first post....  If using the onboard soundcard then the LTC would be beneficial if there were no gamecontroller port on the mainboard.  Still it is h**l to get the driver working.... For dos only synth, I guess the minimum to get sound, is in fact a soundcard, and the availability of dos drivers limits the soundcards to soundblaster-ish cards.... and afaik all those cards have a gameport-connector.  (I can't still figure out why you would use the LTC.... :o )