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  1. Monome x Arcade Buttons Midibox

  2. keyboard sid

    It looks like a render. Is it real?
  3. Very unique. Is that polystyrole material kind of like lexan?  Where do you get it? I'd love to see some video of how you use it with Reason.
  4. Man I love the sound from audio samples 1,3,4, 5. It's low-fi and embracing at the same time. I'd love to see a video of it in action.
  5. Dude, that thing is sweet! Will it work on a keyboard without velocity?
  6. If you designed your controller with Live in mind, how did you focus down what you wanted to control? With practically everything in Live being controllable, how do you not leave something out that you may one day decide to control?
  7. Might have to reach out to an action sports film crew, haha. Or you could try suspending it from the ceiling. :) As nice as the controller is, think about putting video up on a site that doesn't kill the video quality, like this: http://stage6.divx.com/user/Denkitribe/video/1072802/KORG-KAOSS-PAD-KP3-(7)
  8. What's CS? Wilba, have you thought about putting up a few audio/video clips for us to hear/see it in action.  ;D
  9. Lovely! This is definitely top tier material! Top 100 anyways :P Price tag is kinda ouch inducing...$662! What were the most costly items? In any case, congrats! Very impressive device you got there!
  10. Penguin Powered ? - fedora & EnergyXT

    Is it me or are there NO screen shots or app listings on the jacklab.org site?
  11. Jesusonic

    Yeah, it looks like they were gonna release it at some point but something stopped them. Don't know much about it as the visit to Reaper's was around my 2nd visit.
  12. Jesusonic

    Paid a visit to the Reaper site and noticed a plugin called Jesusonic included in the software, I then noticed it was based on some Linux running hardware. Creates some pretty interesting effects! Check out the video and audio on this page: http://www.jesusonic.com/hard.php
  13. Funny! I would've put knobs where the dolls buttons are. haha
  14. Woah. Could all that wiring be dangerous? Cause heat issues? Reminds me of the electrical mess in the movie A Christmas Story. :)
  15. Has anyone seen any really good tutorials teaching keyboard/piano techniques online preferably with videos? I know there are many great drummer and guitar tutorials out, online and on video, however, it seems there is less for the hopeful keyboardist. I've seen a few sites that have chord stuff. But I think I'm mainly looking for exercises to build up dexterity first and then delve into theory and stuff like that.