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  1. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    When using it in “TB303 mode†would it be possible to route accent and slide to separate gate outs? For example: Gate out 1: Normal gate out. Gate out 2: Slide out, when two notes overlap. Gate out 3: Accent out, when velocity is more than 100. This would be great when using it with TB303 clones. :rolleyes: Magnus
  2. MIDIbox SID V2 Release + Feedback

    Hi. I don't have any controll surface and is using the Midibox SID editor. But there was some problem with my midi setup when I was usnig Miditrix. When I conected the midi directly to the GM5 Midi-module it was working. :-) Magnus
  3. MIDIbox SID V2 Release + Feedback

    Hi. I have some trouble with Super Poly Voice mode and AOut_NG. When SPV is selected it seems like the CV data is not forwarded to voice 2-4. The SID voices play but the SSM2044s and SSM2164s connected to core 2-4 via 3 AOut_NG are not updated? When playing on the keyboard the first voice (AOut_NG connected to Core 1, then to a SSM2044 and a SSM2164) plays normal, then there is 3 "holes", then first voice plays again. Best regards Magnus
  4. idea for MIDIbox 808 - dynamics

    Somehow I missed in my last post that there is independent velocity for each drum sound in the TR9090. From the manual: †The 9090 has a complete MIDI interface. Drum sounds are assigned to individual keys and are velocity sensitive. The interface, located on Board 2, is implemented with a 4MHz PIC 16F84 microcontroller. A number of latches, a discrete 6-bit DAC and demultiplexers provide separate trigger and velocity signals for all drums.†What is more interesting for this sequencer project is this post from Trevor I remember I read in the TR9090 Yahoo group: †The spare connectors adjacent to the PIC were originally intended for a sequencer board to plug into the main boards, but sadly my sequencer board never became reality. However... Those connectors may still be useful to someone, because they provide access to the DAC, multiplexers and trigger latches (full control of the 9090 by means of parallel data). †Best regards Magnus
  5. idea for MIDIbox 808 - dynamics

    Hi. I just want to point out that the TR9090 responds to midi velocity. Also you can control how long the sampled sounds (hihat, crash and ride cymbal) are sustained by using different note length. That’s why I will use the MBSeq v4 to control my TR9090. Best regards Magnus
  6. Bassline engin and J5.

    Thank you very much! :D Magnus
  7. Bassline engin and J5.

    I’m using the MIDIbox SID 2 engine and a AOUT_NG to control an analogue synth (a TB303 clone). The pitch-cv is controlled with the AOUT_NG and the gates from J5 on the core. With the bassline engine it’s possible to forward the internal gate, slide and accent signals to J5. This works when the sequence is running. But when I have direct control mode and play from my midi-keyboard only gate and accent work. When I press two keys at the same time there is no signal on the “slide-pin†of J5. Is this normal or is there something wrong with my setup? Best regards Magnus
  8. Custom MEC Love

    Hi. I´m in for: 70 3FTL6 "Quiet" +50 1E.09.6 Black +20 1S11.16.0 Clear Best regards Magnus
  9. I´m also interested.  :) Magnus