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  1. Yes - you definitely want to experiment with resistor values before you buy a whole bunch of them and solder up all the boards. For my yellow LEDs, they were bright, but not excessively so - your mileage may vary depending on LED specifications. :)
  2. Congrats @dwestbury, it looks great! I'm glad you were able to get them assembled alright.
  3. Thanks both! They're 0603 parts - small, but still quite easy to solder with some tweezers and a steady hand. I hand-soldered these
  4. Hi there, Sorry for bumping an old thread, but just to let anyone know who's researching this that I believe I've fixed the issue when using the Raystar OLED in 4-bit mode. I was looking over the CLCD init sequence and something didn't seem right, so I made some changes and offered it as a pull request for to TK to review when he gets some free time: https://github.com/midibox/mios8/pull/2 With these changes, you can keep the PIC ID set to the usual (no need for custom LCD driver) and you don't need to solder the bridges on the MB6582 to enable 8-bit mode. You will also see t
  5. Hi there! I just completed a build of the MB6582, and during construction I designed a small PCB to neatly hold some backlight LEDs for the rotary encoders. The PCB source files and installation details are all available here on my GitHub page, licensed under Creative Commons so that anyone is free to order their own or change it: https://github.com/dwhinham/encoder-backlight-pcb I have about 9 spare sets of 15 PCBs if anyone would like some. Shoutout to @Hawkeye for the inspiration and excellent control surface construction guide! I've got more pictures and a video of my M
  6. Hey there, Has anyone been able to contact SmashTV recently? I hate to pester him, but I really need his help. I appreciate he's a busy guy, but I've sent him a few emails (starting back in late September), both directly and using his web form, and I even dropped him a PM on this forum. I know he's logged in since when I sent him the message, and I also noticed he;s still been taking orders all this time, but still no reply to my messages. :( I really need some MIDIbox SID parts from him; it's a special request because I have boards from back in 2003 that I never got round to finishing and I
  7. Hi there :) Is this still for sale? If so, are you happy to ship to the U.K.? Many thanks.
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