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  1. ...the parts are still for sale...
  2. Hey thanks to Nils for the prices! Federico: Looking at the prices for new parts, I think 60,- € plus shipping is fair. Greets groovereiter
  3. Anyone interested in buying parts from my unfinished project? 1x core v3 module with PIC 1x ain module   (both from mike) 2x DINx4 1x DINx2   (made on breadboard/Lochraster, 10mm thin, pin connectors w/ plugs, working stable) 50x button, black, "Digitast" (Reichelt DT 6 SW) 2x button, white, "Digitast" (Reichelt DT 6 WS) 26x Alps pot, 10k, vertical, 6mm (Reichelt RK09K113-LIN10K) <- those are great 2x Alps slider, 10k, 60mm travel (Reichelt RS60112-LIN10K) <- those are great too ;) 2x Alps encoder, 24/24 - removed detention, w/o button, 6x11mm (Reichelt STEC12E07) 1x Alps encoder, 24/24 with detention, horizontal, w/o button, 6x11mm (Reichelt STEC12E05) No caps for the pots & encs included (except some unique mousewheel & jogs for the encs ;)) All controls are soldered on breadbord, you'll have to desolder them by your own but it's done quite easily. Every PCB has pin connectors with the fitting plugs for easy disconnecting/connecting. If you need photos I can take some, but it should be quite self explanatory I guess. Soooooo, awaiting your bids...
  4. LC (Mackie mode) not working in Cubase

    It seems the to-com option causes the problem. I uploaded the lc application to my mb64e wich is connected via the gameport and everything works fine. Now I have to wait for my MIDI-to-USB cable to see if it works with that.
  5. Hi, my LC runs fine in Mackie mode (Reason, Ableton) but Cubase doesn't get any midi from the LC, midi to LC works fine. When I change to Logic Control mode the controls & leds work, but the displays don't :( Has anybody got a solution for this? Thanks groovereiter
  6. Anyone interested in Alps "N" type motor faders?

    Has the second batch already been ordered? I would love to get mine with this too
  7. More than 64 buttons in MB64E?

    Where do I start?
  8. More than 64 buttons in MB64E?

    Ok, I will use a second core. Any hints for making the first four buttons send a midi event?
  9. 256 DINs?

    Where do I have to connect the second SR chain to make this work? And wich changes do I have to do to the code? I didn' work on the box for some months so I'm completely out of it and I don't have much time for it in the next year. Since the Hardware part is already done any help is appreciated.
  10. More than 64 buttons in MB64E?

    Hi, I built a box with 32 AINs and 80 DINs and the 64e application only handles 64 of them. How can I make them usable? I tried changing the F in "incf TMP2, F" under MB64E_BUTTON_Map_Loop in but it didn't work. And how can I make the first four pins of the first shift register send a midi event? I know the ain64_din128_dout128_v2_0 application handles all buttons but not my 3 encoders. Maybe I can add the encoder to this? Thanks for all hints
  11. Thanks for the quick reply (and for this great project of course). Everything works fine now. This saved a lot of time. Greets, Groovereiter
  12. What do you mean with inverting the signal? Is there a setting in one of the config files?
  13. Hi, I accidentially switched the cathodes/anodes of the meter and ring leds. Is there any chance of getting them to work without turning them around? Maybe with the patterns or something? Any help would be great since they are heavily glued and ready soldered. Thanks in advance groovereiter
  14. SRs wired parallel?

    Mhh, I think if the parallel wiring doesn't work I'll go for two monitor cables then. Thanks a lot
  15. SRs wired parallel?

    Thanks for your answer. The reason is quite simple, I would need 16 extra wires for the buttons and leds in the cable between the two units. Together with all the power/ground, SR lines and the wires for the assignment display this would be a quite fat cable. I fear this would also heavily increase the latency because the DIN registers are read periodically. Currently I'm using an old monitor cable (18 wires).