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  1. White does sound appealing. Are there any examples of white being tinted by the color of the window?
  2. Count me in for 3 displays 2 for seq - 1 for mbfm To clarify, can we pick which color? Green is my preference
  3. Count me in (Been a loooong time since I've been here) 001 taximan pcb case 002 blatboy pcb case parts 003 Macotronic pcb case 004 lukas412 pcb case parts 005 Hawkeye pcb case parts 006 u-link pcb case 007 nebula pcb case 008 synaptech pcb case parts 009 Phatline pcb 010 gidien pcb 011 Karg pcb case parts? 012 doc007 pcb case parts? 013 Richie pcb(x2) case parts 014 arumblack pcb case? parts 015 pat_00 pcb case parts 016 monokinetic pcb case parts? 017 weigu pcb case parts 018 enron_hubbard pcb parts case 019 Elektruck pcb case parts? 020 EsotericLabs pcb case parts? 021 derkollo pcb case parts? 022 slo pcb case parts? 023 dm3 pcb case parts? 024 echopraxia pcb case parts
  4. Need some guidance with the dedicated remix button assignment. I successfully updated to 4.058 This is what I changed in the MBSEQ_HW file # Following button functions are usually assigned to Fx # buttons, or to dedicated (labeled) buttons # In Wilba's frontpanel layout: # F1 is located at SR 19 Pin 3 # F2 is located at SR 18 Pin 2 # F3 is located at SR 18 Pin 3 # F4 is located at SR 17 Pin 2 # and there are dedicated buttons for Copy/Paste/Clear/Utility/StepView # SR Pin BUTTON_TRACK_SEL 19 3 BUTTON_BOOKMARK 18 2 BUTTON_PATTERN_RMX 18 3 BUTTON_PATTERN_RMX 17 2 (They are only in bold to show you what was changed) I tried it on two different "f" buttons separately and then on both. The track select and bookmark manager views come right up when I select them on the hardware but the remix buttons don't show anything and act unresponsive. Am I missing a line of text anywhere? Can someone help please? Regards, Chris
  5. Just curious if anyone is willing to share their case designs yet?
  6. Gonna drill that usb hole this week! I played wth my fiends Korg Monotribe and having a lot of fun with it. One thing that it does that I wish MBSEQ would do is the extra 8 steps in between the regular 8 steps. This was added to v2. The really nice thing is that to get to the other steps all you have to do is hold the instrument select key down and the sequence row will change to the other steps. I know MBSEQ can change dividers on every track but it would be Sooo nice to have this feature as I have never jived with MBSEQ's roll and I would have to use up 2 tracks on MBSEQ to achieve this. This could be accomplished by simply holding down the track select key of the track you want to input the dotted,triplet, etc steps. Then you would see a new set of empty steps to edit and when you let go the regular steps are in view again. I can see that there would be problems with trying to hold the track select, parameter layer and notes and turn knobs s maybe it should be "hold track select for 1&1/2 seconds to enable to in-between steps. I am sure there are other complications such as the way we currently hold down several track select buttons to do a muli-solo. Although I do not find myself using that feature often as the mute page suffices. What do you think? Regards,
  7. Well unfortunately I cannot upload a new hw config file. I knew I should have drilled a hole in my case for the USB jack.... Of course I broke my drill awhile back and my SD card is not accessible either... no remix page for me. I at least updated to v4 non beta!
  8. new customer meaning buying from Heidenreich directly right? Not some one form MB Fourms? If we can get 6 more to join in... I may want two myself if the cost is low enough. I'll have to look into why the LPC would not fit. It seems like there would be plenty of space. Chris
  9. Just curious if there is a desire to run another bulk order of these cases?
  10. Would running a DI box help signal hum for a MBFM or MBSID? My MBFM is a little noisy and am wondering if a DI box would help get rid of some of the buzz. I read a post somewhere here where someone fixed a hum problem on their FM with different resistors and capacitors. I'd rather not open up my midibox and am looking into a mixer that uses stereo xlr inputs for the line level channels (not normal I know) So I am wondering instead of buying more 1/4" to xlr cables or adapters, would a DI make more sense in the long run? Or should I just desolder the xlr jacks on the mixer and put TRS jacks in instead? What is the impendence of the MBFM? I built it using the standard equipment list off Smash's site. Right now I have my MBFM going directly into a cheap behringer 1/4" line in but want to take a crack at using good eq while recording.
  11. I'm glad you didn't because not only were you on the money with the rew button, even though your on PATT 01, I also had the Rm1x midi mode as Internal. The Rm1x clock was rewinding to the external tempo because I believe it has the same master slave options that MBSEQ can do. For some reason I did not pick up on this. Working fine now :) Regards
  12. I am going to update today but I have to move my pc and reconnect everything :( Plus my drill broke before I was able to drill out the USB hole on my case. I am currently trying to transfer patterns programmed on the MBSEQv4 (beta 36 still) to my Rm1x using the RM1x record mode. I am having trouble with the start timing. The Rm1x is slaved to the MBseq so when I start the MBSEQ the Rm1x will go into record and do its thing but the Rm1x starts about 1 milisecond after the MBSEQ and cannot properly loop what the MBSEQ has sent to it. I can try to not sync them and record manually but this is not ideal. Is there any way to start the MBSEQ on time but delay all the notes and their cc's so the Rm1x will record them as a proper loop on playback? Or is there a better way to do this? Can it be done from one of the MBSEQ Txt files? Ideally it would be a utility menu function. I have tried all the different modes on the Rm1x but the issue is for sure in the start timing between the two devices and maybe the Rm1x causes a very tiny delay when set to record mode. Long story short, I want to offload my MBSEQs drum tracks into the Rm1x which can play those and free up the MBSEQ for the synths. The Rm1x is pretty good at programming sequences but the MBSEQ blows it out of the water. This way I can dedicate the Rm1x to play back without having to program the beats on it which is much more time consuming than on the MBSEQ. I can understand why this issue does not really come up as, most of us, are probably using a PC to transfer the MBSEQ note data to because you can just drag the notes back or as i seen you mention before ,TK, that ou do a negative delay in Logic but hardware can be a pickle in these cases. Of course I have to ask now... Has this already been worked out? I did not see it in the change list anywhere except "added DEBOUNCE_DELAY to MBSEQ_HW.V4". And speaking of debounce (off topic). I have a couple encoders that want to turn backwards half of the time. They were from Wilba's bulk run (soundwell). They seem like good encoders. Maybe its a solder issue but I am now curious if there is a debounce delay for encoders. Regards, Chris
  13. Once again I am blown away by the support you give us! Thanks TK!!
  14. Hey every body, Been awhile since I stopped by. I am even still on beta 36 or some where around there! I left playing the MBSEQ for awhile to try other things but now I am back on track! I realized that yamaha makes good drumkits which are GM midi compatible and MBSEQ drum tracks are premapped for this! I have been playing with a friends RM1X drum machine and recently bought my own I am connecting it to the MBSEQ. The RM1X has a nice feature for re-triggering patterns. You can set the value to either 1 measure of 1/16th of a measure and the RM1X will go right into the other pattern in either 1/16th of a bar or in 1 bar. In my old (current) MBSEQv4 version when I press for example A.2 it will cycle to a.2 after the current measure has passed. I think there was a way to change this but I cannot remember how? And also I think it was pattern specific. The RM1X does this globally for all tracks at the same time. Can we get an option to be able to, for example, be in pattern A, then as soon as I press 1 through 8, the MBSEQ will go right into which ever one I choose. The 2 behaviours I can think of right now would either be "restart from beginning) or "continue from whereever the master length is at in the pattern". This leads me to my next question/request. Can we have all four groups and there patterns change globally in sync. I find many times that I would like to change all of the patterns at the same time. If I could just press A.2 and change all 4 patterns ( implemented as an option) I would be grateful.
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