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  1. wood!

    Thanks for the compliments guys its as organic as i could make it without digging up an old tree stump and sticking a synth in it {light bulb switches on over head } Or better yet a controller something i might try later with Audio Commander's excellent ACSensorizer project just have to save up for some 500mm ribbon's and find the right lump of wood :)  I' ll be back , just gotta pop out for a bit , may take some time , don't wait up. ;)
  2. wood!

    also 13.JPG 13.JPG
  3. wood!

    and b1.JPG b1.JPG
  4. wood!

    latest pics  you can finally see the figure in the timbers as the first coat of laquer is on also as you can see i have made a start on the panel work  :) a1.JPG a1.JPG
  5. MIDIbox CV PCB (CORE+AOUT+DINX1+Bankstick) + 2 x MAX525

    received in oz today all really good  :)thanks again and cheers.
  6. x/y touchpad controller

    not sure if this is relevant but someone may be able to use it www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8977 they have lots of other stuff and the hotpots /softpots as well
  7. these may be of interest to a few people out there www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=7835
  8. gm5x5x5 Bulk Order

    received in oz thanks nILS cheers
  9. + 15 /-15 and +5 volt power supply

    have built this as a bench supply and improved it  +/-15 within .01 volt adjustable by +/- 1volt from front panel +/- 12 volt is easily acheived also with correct resistor changes will post mods for both voltages when i can
  10. GM5 parts bulk buy Australia

    :)thanks levon received parts start of the week in melbourne would have posted sooner but work really busy. thanks again cheers denis
  11. wood!

    analogue mono synth boards going in are on the midibox side : gm5 ,aout-ng ,core and seppomans dual ssm2044 Lp filter and from mfos :minisynth plus , wsg with vactrol control on the first two generators , 2 x 10step seq, an extra LFO, a stereo pan cct, an extra ADSR and VCA and a single buss kybrd cct I am also including a reverb tank which came from the old home organ i took the keyboard from quite obviously all that is not going to fit in what you can see here I still have to make another matching section to go on top where the sequence's will live plus the extra's stryd multicultural yes haha didn't think of that but honestly it was just some of what i had lying around in my shed i just like using pretty timber :)and its a far better use than gunns turning everything they can cut down into wood chips [the b#%$*#ds !] and then replacing it with blue gum [gets on soapbox ] oops sorry started waffling on about my pet hate :D
  12. wood!

    and .....
  13. wood!

    :) For all you wood lovers out there salvaged timber plus some offcuts from other jobs [i never throw anything away especially timber] + 2 small planks of figured maple i had spare in order of use birdseye maple planks + offcuts main top and back jarrah [salvaged stair treads and flooring from munitions factory over 80 years old] end panels and directly above keys figured redgum [salvage old railway sleeper]top of raised section figured blackwood [offcuts]directly below and above keys lauro preto [offcut] face of raised section red padauk [offcut] back top haven't quite finished it yet still a lot of sanding to go
  14. DIY digital oscilloscope

    would also be very interested in this I do need a scope very soon
  15. 6582 SID Sale Statistics

    I  have worked with a whole bunch of american and canadian crews over the years to stir up the seppo's we used to tell them we would just pretend they were canadians They never once got the joke. the canadians always understood so i guess thats the differance. :P