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  1. AMD am27c040 chips x8

    Hi, I'm selling 8 chips from AMD, the AM27C040 I'm pretty sure I must have bought them a long time ago for a midibox project of some sort but I can't remember exactly for what. So I thought maybe the community would know what they are for and might be interested. Let me know what price is fair for those   thanks Vincent
  2. This listing is now sold. Hi Everyone, after 10 years of holding on to my parts I'm finally giving up on building my MidiboxSID, I know it's sad but that's how life goes. It not the first DIY project that I didn't go through with and it won't be the last! I bought the SID chips from the Wilba 6582 SID MEGA-SALE #4 in Januray 2008!! They haven't left the boxes they came into. The rotary encoders and the ALPS knobs I bought through group orders on the forum too. - 8x6582A: 200$ + shipping. - 16x ALPS knob: 12$ plus shipping - 16x Soundwell Encoders: 12$ plus shipping let me know if you guys are interested or have any questions. I can provide pictures if necessary. Oh and I'm located in California USA, so I'll get shipping cost based on your location. Thanks!
  3. Ok, So it seems that the UK shop is, for now, the best offer. Since i started this thread, i'm ready to order it myself. the fact is that i live in france. So if we do order from this shop, it's better if someone from the UK take care of the order. It would cut on shipping costs for everyone. What do you think ?? Anyone from UK inerested ?? If not I take care of it. I'll make up a wiki page to gather everyone wishes as soon as we are decided on the shop. If by next saturday we haven't find any more interesting offer let's go with the UK shop. I'll put on the wiki page by then. thanks everyone for contributing and sharing infos !!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm pretty sure that at least half of you have seen a new hope, something like a sunrise warming their cold skin; waking them out of their pcbs wintering. And by this, as many have understand, i mean THE MAIL...! Well so i was reviewing what was missing in my "mb-6582 parts and stuff.." drawer: a PT-10 box !!! I don't know already where to buy it, i don't know how it will cost, as you might understand i know nothing... I just want to know if there are people out there who need a PT-10 box for their project. I've never run a bulk order before, but there's always a start so why not now !! So, if you agree, let's figure out together the "wheres and how muches" :) Sorry if i'm taking liberties with the english language, i'm french!! i'll be more concise in my next posts, i promiss. Let me hear your thoughs on this subject!!
  5. Spare ALBS knobs

    this is not the place or time to do that but i wanted to thank you goblinz for the last albs knob order i didn't thank you last time and the thread went close by the time i realised that... so sorry for the rudeness It took a long time to come but as, i think, everyone else here they are sitting in there envelope in my "mb-6582 parts and stuff.." box wainting for the other parts so just thank you again !!!
  6. Ok people now this is THE news !!! I have to thank you for the hard hard work !! you know what, there was a time when i was checking the forum every day, and then i figured out that the best way was to forgot about all this time will come when... and BAM today this mail was like a throw of fresh water that woke me up : "man, there is this AWESOME project run by AWESOME people that i forgot about, glad to be part of this !!!!" so thank you guys again and again and i think that the best way to contribute will be to run, like Wilba suggested, a bulk order for PT-10 case for Europe !!!!!! Right now. long life to this project !!!!! ps: Wilba, isn't your judoka dancing like mc-hammer..? smooth moooves !! :) ps2: i'm asking the same question as my fellows: is it possible to wait for the kit to be available and group the order into one shipping ?? or is it safer to order pcbs now ?? and to my french coleague: if you live near paris we can group our orders and split shipping fees, waddya think ??
  7. I received them yesterday mc4, it was fast and so professionnal with the bill and all thank you !!!
  8. ALBS knob order number 3 -=:CLOSED:=-

    this is too much attention for us humble builders  ;) thank you Goblinz !
  9. Hi there, i was wondering if there wwas anyone in Europe willing to sell me 15 of those wonders  ::) i need some for my mb6582. that would be great thanks in advance gentlemen  ;) Gajimicu
  10. MB-6582 baseboard part kits

    I am what you can call a newbie (see my number of posts) and i am culprit i did send an email to smashtv on his shop's contact form to know if i could make a pre-order :-[ sorry for this this was before i had read all the infos on ucapps/wiki/forum i got carried away by an overflowing enthousiatic feeling and again i'm sorry for being one of the many who filled your inbox with such requests but please be sure that even if i know this community for 1 week i, for being a little geek apprentice myself, can understand how hard you guys a working on this stuff and how time consuming this can be Just wanted to make an apology for every geek like me who has bothered you, the brains and the arms be sure we respect the great work and will be patient please take the time you need
  11. MB-6582 baseboard part kits

    Hello everyone glad to be part of this wonderful community ::) in fact i found the site midibox yesterday and let me say: count me in for one kit !!! ;D damn all this time i was like drooling over this freakin sidstation... now i must say WHY  ??? you guys here are like messiahs i'll train on my edrum and my pianet renewal plug the irons and let's solder !!!! by the way is there SIDs included in the kit ?? (joke mode off) sorry for this yard sales here i come yeeee aaah!