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  1. Encoder recommendations

    Thanks Peter.   I'll take a punt on the Alpha Encoders then.   My SeqV4 is custom, so the PCB is not a real concern.   Regards,
  2. Encoder recommendations

    Hi all,   It's been a long time since I've been in these parts.   I've been using some cheaper encoders that i purchased off ebay, and after a year or two they have started failing.   Essentially, sometimes when turning clockwise, the value will drop...   My question is - what encoders have people used?   More importantly - What encoders have people used that after a few years of regular and abusive use have continued to function perfectly.   My SEQ4 is very dear to my heart, and I love it to bits and I'd love it to continue to work perfectly for many more years.   Regards Mike
  3. Finally 100% finished

    Cool. I had searched for that post as a reference, but couldn't find it . Was funny skimming through it again and seeing all the other possible designs and ideas. Regards. Mike
  4. Finally 100% finished

    Yea, I used a merge to merge input from the outside world & internal keyboard. Mike
  5. Finally 100% finished

    Oh, I was seriously considering it.. Seems like a good deal. Lol
  6. Finally 100% finished

    Yep.. 5mm LEDs. Nice and roomy. Those tact switches are 12mm x 12mm It's also got an internal SM power supply.. I'll upload a better pic later. Mike
  7. Finally 100% finished

    Wooo. It has taken a fair bit of time just to finish off the timber work... mainly because of becoming a parent etc.. I'm happy with the end result. Thanks TK , Wilba & all.
  8. Roland tr707 - broken sequencer

    So, did you put it in step mode? ie, take it out of song mode. (It's song & patterns will be full of garbage with no batteries installed, or if they are flat / been missing etc) The amount of times i've bought 707's & 727's that people said were not working, but it was just in the wrong mode? about 4 times.
  9. Sammich Sale Request (Australia)

    Oh, and comes with 2 NOS SID's.
  10. Sammich Sale Request (Australia)

    This is from the first batch, with amber LCD and red LED's. POIDH?!?! Lol Here is a pic from another thread with it's bigger brother, this was before I removed the protective paper. (I believe I was the first to complete one from the 1st batch.. does that have historical value? Some would say yes)
  11. Sammich Sale Request (Australia)

    Hey all. I'm selling my Sammich as I've got a big arsed 6582 with keyboard.. so while the Sammich is cute, it's no match for it's big daddy... And I've got some serious SP-1200 GAS. It's 100% complete and works perfectly. (I didn't actually paint the text, but I prefer it that way) Assuming this is ok to sell (TK,Wilba,Nils) I'd like to sell to a forum member.. and someone with a decent amount of posts who actively contributes to this place. Price? $300 AU. + Postage from Australia (This does not include power supply) Please let me know if there are any problems with this post. Cheers Mike
  12. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    You are thinking about it too hard.. lol.. First, you need to know what the frequency of the noise is, otherwise your shooting in the dark... It does looks like the MeanWell ones are switching at 132Khz. Like I mentioned before, the switching noise is above the audio spectrum (+20Khz) in modern SM powersupplies.. so, if it's there, you won't be able to hear it.. I'd doubt if your speakers or amplifier could reproduce it, and I doubt your recording interface will record it either. Enjoy the filthyness of the SID.. that kind of audiophile thinking and SID chips don't really belong in the same sentence.. lol. Cheers Mike
  13. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    Exactly what I did.
  14. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    Regarding the 9vDC.. yea, I suppose you could use the 12v and regulate it down.. You probably don't need any other components apart from a regulator. I had height & room constraints for the inside of my 6582 synth, so the SM PS was a nice tidy solution. It also runs very very cool, which was important, considering the SID's get warm enough on their own. Cheers Mike
  15. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    Well, they are easily the noisiest bit of kit I own... yep, not offensive.. a nice soothing 8 bit noise, but you sure can hear it when it's switched on and nothing else is playing. Also, regarding the price, when I check the mouser link it shows me $62.. not $46, unless you get different price breaks in the US etc. I find Mouser is rather expensive her in Australia, sure, convenient and a vast catalogue, but expensive. regards Mike