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  1. [S] For Sale sammichSID

    BTW the letters are filled in with silver paint, if you are in the US I can include an adaptor, must be a regulated 12VDC supply
  2. [S] For Sale sammichSID

    Unfortunately I need to sell my sammichSID, it has two 6581's in it that I pulled from C64's myself.     I specifically went with all white leds and the screen is white with grey letters also.  It also has the plexiglass inset to protect the screen   I've been building electronics for over 15 years so it's well made, I hate to let it go, it took a lot of time to get all the parts together but I just don't use it enough and along with the fact that times are tight I really need the cash.   I'd like to get $475 shipped anywhere in the world, or $450 shipped in the US.   Thanks  
  3. sid3

    From the album SammichSID

  4. sid2

    From the album SammichSID

  5. sid1

    From the album SammichSID

  6. Well It's been sitting for over a year now and in need of the cash, so thinking of selling it, but not sure if I need permission first?   Thanks!
  7. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    Payment sent!
  8. somehow ordered the wrong encoders for my mb6582, anyone need fifteen 12mm bourns encoders?

    1. nebula


      What's the part number?

  9. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    Mine works, I just have to finish the mb6582 to be sure it'll handle the power requirement, but proper voltages are seen on the 5V, 9V and 12v rails in the MB itself. Just a simple dual coil 9VAC transformer, one is rectified and regulated to 5VDC, the other is 9VAC straight in, of course some fuses just incase.
  10. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    I was just checking in to see if there was any news. :D
  11. I'd be willing to help you out, I'm just outside Chicago.
  12. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    Well been trying to get on here for a while, damn DNS problem, anyhow I got my parts and threw the power supply together and it works fine, I can't really run my mb-6582 as I am waiting for my front panel to finish it but I hooked it up and correct powers are seen on the base board for the 5v, 9v, and 12v, ran all the PICs and SIDs without any issue. I'll have to see when I finish it all, but I really think it'll be fine.
  13. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    Also there is this one, which has the same stats as the one I ordred but it's a PC mount, I wanted to be able to stand the coil on it's end to save some space so I got the wired version. My link
  14. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    Sorry it was a link from my search, should work now.
  15. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    Well I went ahead and ordred this transformer: Digikey Also got all 125degree caps for the DC side, I want this to work and last a long time! We'll see how it comes out. I did run across this schematic of the inside of the C64 supply, although we don't need that much amperage.