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  1. Curious if anyone might have any recommendations on the points in my last post? I am hoping to get some traction on building this before the next few shows, and could use a few recommendations and tips if possible. Thanks.
  2. Hi Thorsten, I just assembled the MBHP_CORE_STM32F4. I think I missed the portion where you stated I could use reed relays previously, and now am looking in to this. Do you have any recommendations on a relay I could order in the USA or a link to ones that would work for this application? Also for the MIDI control, should I be able to wire a MIDI IN / OUT directly to J11E? I think that was the other portion I was not clear on. I am guessing I would only actually need the MIDI IN for this project, but not clear on how that is done without a MBHP_MIDI_IO board. If you have any tips on that I wou
  3. I just had a chance to open this up and take a look inside, I am seeing where HDR2 is, I am attaching a few pictures of the board to get an idea of what it physically looks like as opposed to the schematic (I took pics of both front and back of where this connects). Also I am seeing the U20 chip and have few questions. I am trying to get a better idea of which is pin 10 on the U20 chip. Any help would be appreciated. One last piece of info, the only soldering gear I own is a 40 watt CSI Soldering Station 1A ( http://www.circuitspecialists.com/csi-station1a.html ) - I haven't soldered anything
  4. A-ha, a very quick reply from Digitech as I emailed them just 15-20 minutes ago with the request, they already emailed me a PDF. I attached to this thread, I'll take a look later but on first glance does anything appear to stick out regarding your idea on a reset? Talker.pdf
  5. Hi TK, I appreciate your input, thank you. I wrote to Digitech requesting a schematic, hopefully something will be available. I think regardless I will post back with info if I end up ordering a core and start work on this. Thanks!
  6. I am looking to add a few simple MIDI controls to a Digitech Talker Vocoder. There are only two functions I am looking to control, one is the bypass switch, the other is the switch that controls which preset is selected. The bypass looks like it could be pretty straightforward, but not certain on the program switching button. The way the pedal works is by default when it's powered on, the first of the six programs is selected named Nuvo. Pressing the program button cycles through the programs in order from left to right until it reaches the end and then repeats back to the first. I haven't ope
  7. That's great info jjonas, thanks for the help.
  8. Howdy fellers, it's been a bit since I've thought of building any new MIDIbox SID projects. I've been combing through posts but it appears that it is currently not possible to get a case/all the parts to build a sammichSID currently, is this correct? Is it also not possible to get everything needed (case etc) for the MB6582? I can see that Smash still has a number of PCB's, parts, kits etc at http://mbhp.avishowtech.com/buy.html. Is the current route DIY enclosure? That's not a problem of course since I've already built two DIY MIDIbox SID machines, but thought it couldn't hurt to ask.
  9. Hey all, I wanted to share links to the debut album release by Mail Order Monsters. The sounds were created using two stereo MIDIbox SID units, HardSid, and two stereo SID modified 64's running MSSIAH. The album also utilizes vocoder vocals (using SID as carrier). We put a great deal of time and love into this recording. This is available via digital download, and on CD / LP (vinyl) as well. Hope you enjoy! https://mailordermonsters.bandcamp.com/releases http://mailordermonsters64.com/
  10. Hey all, I just wanted to share some of what I've been up to over the last year or more with my group Mail Order Monsters. We're a three piece from Grand Rapids, MI, using two stereo MIDIbox sid units I built through help in the forums here, and several other SID devices as well as regular 64's. We do live video projection as well, check out some of our music videos. We're also playing a local festival called Artprize here in town, we played last night at an outdoor park which was a blast. If you're anywhere near, come check us out next week friday September 30th, 2011. We do originals and
  11. I think the problem was with Adobe Reader, I installed Foxit and can now open it just fine. Thanks for verifying it works LeTran. After looking at the pdf and the 20 pin connector labeling I think this is a bit over my head ( what there's no "video in" pin??? :) ) Anyways, I might be better off using the cheap 7" lcd I have with a video input already on it. Problem with that one is the image quality is crappy, but I need to remind myself my mission is making music right now. Spending too much time making things to make music. The crappy one works and I can (mostly) read everything. The screen
  12. Thanks, I will try to check that out, though looks like it is in French. I found that the screen I have is an LG-Philips LCD, Model LP133WX1-TLA1-1 There is a data sheet lurking out there somewhere, but the only link I have found so far turns up a bogus pdf: http://beyondinfinite.com/lcd/Library/LG-Philips/LP133WX1-TLA1.pdf
  13. It might just be an impossibility, but I wondered about this and thought I'd post it here in the miscellaneous to see if anyone has any ideas. I have a Macbook 13" that a friend gave me, he spilled a glass of water in it and it's been long dead. I wondered how I might go about sending a video signal to the screen, and have been trying to find pinouts on this LCD to try. I am about to install an S-Video output on my C-64 via this link: http://www.bigmech.com/misc/c64mods/svideo.html My idea is to mount the hinge assembly to the back of the 64 to allow the screen to fold down and flip up.
  14. Hi all, I have been thinking about how to get started with an idea, could use some pointers. I found a Fatar Studio 610 MIDI keyboard controller for $5 at a yard sale this summer. It's not the most full featured controller or anything but it works just fine. It also has a lot of room inside of it, I am thinking of building a stereo MIDIbox SID inside there. I was thinking that I could leave everything intact with the controller and build the MIDIbox SID inside it, and route the midi to the necessary ports internally. The only thing I think I'd need to consider is the extra power connection
  15. It just occurred to me that I actually have a HardSid Quattro running in this PC right now. The ASID wrapper is routing it to the MBSid, it's coming through the audio out's there, but freezing. Wondering if it's because I have a HardSid PCI installed?
  16. You're right, I had the wrong output selected, sorry about that. I have the Hardsid selected now, and it played the first 0:09 seconds of the tune and then froze. I tried a few other tunes and it's doing the same thing. The asid program is running, and I do have the midi output device selected, and the 'try to reopen' checkbox selected.
  17. Works perfectly with SidPlay1, I'm rocking out to MULE right now! Some system specs per request: Intel Core2 Quad 6600 2.4ghz, PreSonus Firebox, Windows XP, Sidplay1. It does seem to be playing really fast, I tried some different settings in the emulation (NTSC PAL etc) but no changes, I think this is typical of Siplay1 though.
  18. I think I understand more now, the editing of the drum sounds must be done manually in the DRuM menu. I was hoping there was a way to move existing drum sounds stored as individual patches, into a drum kit, like moving 16 different patches into a kit. I think I get it, to do that I just need to select the instrument I want to edit in the DRuM menu, and enter the values in there. Is this the only area that I need to be concerned with? I saw that there are some filter settings too, are those different for individual patches or just for the whole kit? Thanks for your help Thorsten!
  19. Hi, I have been playing with the four Drum Kits that are in the standard sound bank, and wondered if there is any way to move or copy individual drum sounds to and from? Can I copy an individual drum sound to a file or a patch? Also if I have a number of individual patches, how do I create a kit of my own? I was searching about, and trying things out in Mios Studio and Rutger's app but haven't discovered how to do it. Thanks for any help.
  20. Awesome! I have one 6581 r4ar, a bit different sound from the standard 6581. But strangely just about every one of my 6581 sound different (or not so strange as i've been reading) Nice work Hey I have that same Korg keyboard, some crazy FM sounds out of that. I forget the model number of that - I dropped it unloading after a show and broke several keys and the casing, then decided to take the entire keyboard off it and mount the boards into a small rackmount. :)
  21. For example, here is the output of the beginning of a track Starting with frame 0 (0:00) | Frame | Time | Freq Note/Abs WF ADSR Pul | MBSID Wave Transpose Att Dec Sus Rel | +-------+-------+---------------------------+--------------------------------------+ | 0 | 0:00 | 0000 ... .. 00 0000 000 | 10 +00 (+00) 0 0 0 0 | | 1 | 0:00 | .... ... .. .. .... ... | +00 +00 (+00) ... ... ... ... | | 2 | 0:00 | .... ... .. .. 0F00 ... | +00 +00 (+00) 0 120 0 0 | | 3 | 0:00 | .... ... .. .. .... ... | +00 +00 (+00) ... ... ... ... |
  22. I'm interested in emulating some classic C64 instruments faithfully from a few games, and have a few questions. I just read the wavetable tutorial TK posted at this link: http://www.ucapps.de/howto_sid_wavetables_1.html First, is this primarily for drum sounds or can this be used for instruments as well? I've downloaded siddump and the perl extension, and successfully created a dump of a SID tune to show the MBSid converted data. I converted a single track from a tune to a file and viewed the converted data. I see the wavetable information and how to input that, and the ADSR info, nice. I
  23. love the bright case, looks great
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