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  1. CV control of MB-808 swing

    ouch... 10v directly connected to pic-pins, never a good idea...should be limited in some way to avoid burning your pic...
  2. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    just to report... i´ve found another bug...using "pitch" as parameterlayer, and then changing values, leads to "grabage" values like it did before with the CC layers... confirm anyone? smi;)e
  3. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    huh? as long as i know, you can delay midiclocks in ableton in both directions negative/ this not working for your needs? sometimes i needed to push them real hard like 50 ms or so least they stay in sync.
  4. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    @midilab why would you do that ? i had latency issues when using midiseq with cubase, but in the opposite direction... everything was too early... to manage these "audio delays" i had to implement the midibox as an "instrument" but with audio not connected. when then routing the "not connected" audiochannel to the same bus as my vsti, the delay is gone... maybe you could also try "custom grooves", setting them to a negative value... like tk said, this is only midi ticks not ms/us. sm:)e , n:k
  5. Sequencer v4 scales graphics...

    that´s good, so it won´t get lost... :ahappy: greetz...nik
  6. heyho... i found some spare time to convert the scales in SeqV4 into graphics... :rolleyes: maybe someone will find it usefull... i do ;) scalesMidiboxSeqv4.pdf feel free to report errors. sm:)e , nik
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    yep...thats what i meant... i just noticed a "rolling" with overlapping notes and echos, when using heavy shuffles with 16th echoes... ok...won´t work :ermm: it because of different/mixed timesignatures that it can´t be snapped into groove grids? ...btw. i think i found another bug: i get a crash with "!! HARD FAULT !! at PC=0x0802fc3e , when trying to save track-presets. i can load my previous presets just fine,i also can save and load pattern and sessions without problems... only saving presets gives me that crash, have to switch off and on then... :fear: greets, nik
  8. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    hey... i realized that echo fx on a track doesn´t react to grooves anymore...wasn´t that working before? greets, nik back on v47 (just for testing) now i´m pretty unsure, if it ever was working with grooves!? :blink: maybe i never noticed it, since never used it so excessive like i did yesterday... hehe
  9. [Gelöst] Problem mit MIOS8 Bootloader

    hallo... also ich vermute ja , dass du einen wichtigen schritt vergessen hast :rolleyes: nachdem du den bootloader in den pic gebrannt hast (bootloader_v1_2b_pic18f452.hex), solltest du hinterher noch mios aufspielen, bevor du irgendeine applikation hinterher schickst. das ist das hex im "midi" ordner (mios_v1_9g_pic18f452.hex). das spielst du mit mios studio ein, danach erst ebenfalls mit mios-studio (gleiche prozedur) kommt deine applikation. die device id brauchst du solange nicht ändern, bevor du nicht vorhast mehrere pics in kette zu betreiben, erst dann brauch jeder pic seine eigene id. kannst diese also ruhig auf standard 00 lassen. wennde die jetzt schon geändert hast , is auch latte, mach einfach mit mios 1.9g weiter, danach die app nochmal hinterher. falls es immer noch nich gehen sollte, würd ich zuerst nen anderen optokoppler 6n138 nehmen, hatte mal n paar die zwar irgendwie liefen, aber immer midi-time-out produzierten... da kann schonmal nen faules ei dabei sein. :ahappy: gruss, nik
  10. [Gelöst] Problem mit MIOS8 Bootloader

    hallo andreas...und willkommen meinerseits :ahappy: ich geh mal davon aus, dass du nicht versuchst, ne mios8 applikation auf den lpc17 zu laden, der ist nämlich mit mios32 zu "bestücken"... also versucht du gerade nen pic zu bespielen...evtl nen pic 18F4620 od. 18F452?... der bootloader ist drauf? das ist das hex-file im ordner "burner" wenn du dir das gezogen hast. nach dem der bootloader drauf ist (über nen pic-brenner deiner wahl), musst du das mios einspielen, am besten über mios-studio. aber das hast du ja bereits in verwendung, oder? dazu darfst du, meines wissens her, nur midi-in 1 und midi-out 1 benutzen (eigentlich hat das core-board auch nur 1 rein und 1 raus)...andernfalls gibts keine "bootloader"-kommunikation. evtl. versuchst du´s mal so: core-modul bleibt ausgeschaltet...midi-in in den 1.port, midi-out ebenfalls in den 1. port ...dann hexfile laden über "browse", "start" drücken, danach erst das core-modul anschalten, dann müsste der bootloader ne anfrage senden und automatisch den upload starten...wenn mios drauf ist, kannst du via "browse" deine applikation hinterher schicken. wenn du allerdings das LPC17 meinst, solltest du mios32 stattdessen benutzen....momentan gibt es midibox_seq4, midibox_seq4L und midiox_128_v3 für den LPC17 als applikation...alles andere lauft (noch) nur auf dem PIC-board... hau rein, und sach bescheid wie´s gelaufen ist... gruss, nik
  11. using seq v4?

    ok´s another one... :rolleyes: go in "songmode" and instead of loading Pattern "A1" on Position A1, you choose "Mutes" with the "Actn."-encoder before loading your pattern. so Pos. A2 will then be your pattern "A1"...then choose "mutes" again on Pos. A3 and on Pos. A4 your same pattern again (A1)....Pos. A5 is a jump to pos. A1...that´s how you can automate mutes in song-mode, but dealing still with the same in songmode you can also put in tempochanges and mixermaps... :sorcerer: sm;)e , nik
  12. using seq v4? seems that you´re messing up things... :laugh: let me make it a bit clearer.... the 16 tracks you get when starting the seq_v4 are not 16 patterns nor is this a "whole" pattern... these 16 tracks are divided into 4 groups, each group consists of 4 tracks which is then called a pattern. so when you save a "pattern" A1 = (group1->track 1-4) and load another pattern A2, your tracks A1(1-4) are now replaced by A2(1-4) is group2->track 5-8...group3->track 9-12 and so by loading a pattern you will replace 4 tracks at a time on your chosen group. if you , what i think you did, want to change back and forth between track1 to track4, this can be done by muting them, best with synced mute/unmutes enabled ((util./opt.)...but for now you can also save your "patterns" as A1,A2,A3,A4 and copy each wanted track to track1 and clear the other 2-4 after. before that, you should backup your pattern to an unused placeholder like B1 or you can always return to where you´ve started, in case something goes wrong... :cool:
  13. using seq v4? i got it...hehe óf course you can force the pattern playing to end...go in utilities-option (Opt.)....there u can define if it should sync the patternchange to bars or not...with measure u define how many bars a pattern should play before it jumps to the next. even with a 16steps-pattern, you can force it to play 4 times before changing by setting measure to 64 steps. in pattern-mode you can then switch pattern in sync with the gp-buttons. :cool:
  14. again flawless....good job! thanks a lot... :thumbsup:
  15. using seq v4?

    hi there, and... ....what do you exactly mean with basic pattern? a pattern can be up to 256 steps long, that´s 16 bars...if you need more, you could use the "song-mode" which you have to switch to "song-mode", ´cause default is "phrase-mode", which is not what you are after... you can save a pattern then, let´s say you´ve saved pattern a1, a2, songmode you can then chain them...choose a song , a position (maybe a1-a4 <-these are not pattern but song positions), set youre pattern on each position... example: Pos. A1 - Pattern A2, Pos. A2 - Pattern A3, Pos. A3 - Pattern A2, Pos. A4 - Pattern A1, Pos. A5 - Jump Pos. A1 ...then youve created a loop from pos. a1 to a4... what´s importand is , you must be in "song-mode" not "phrase-mode", don´t forget! :cool: sm;)e , nik ps.: more here in the manual under "song-screen".