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  1. Hi Peter, Thanks for the reply! I would have thought/hoped I could just "tap in/out" from the faders/pots, so it could still run Audio Parallel and still use it to spin vinyl records. But I guess my thoughts were a bit too simplistic:D Bummer though. I also didn't think about the Log scale in the pots/faders. Well in that case I better make/buy a small dedicated midi controller. Again, Thank you very much for your point of view! Regards, Youri
  2. Hi all, I have the idea of using a ordinary 3 channel dj mixer as a simple controller for Traktror (or similar Dj tool). The concept I have is that I only would like to use the (Cross)fader(s), tone controls, gain, pan, channel Pfl on/of and Master. (Roughly 16 or so knobs/sliders/pots in total), bring all the wiring out of the mixer with, for example a Sub D 25 and have a small box connect to it, which include a AIN and Core module, which in turn goes to a midi interface (or directly to computer by means of USB, depending on the Core) My question is if this could be realized, or will I change the internal circuitry of the mixer in some way by connecting the extra wiring to the pots/sliders/buttons of the mixer? Thanks in advance for any thoughts by any member. Cheers! Tron
  3. I actually just found it:) boards had different Quartz Crystals :S, I suddenly saw the difference when staring at the four boards, as the ones on the 1 & 2 where 3 times the hight of the ones on 3 & 4. But it never came to me as I thought I had ordered all components back then at one go. Problem Solved!! Only thing is: The Crystals which are now on the boards are 10.240 Mhz cycles. Can that .240 cause any trouble? or is it fine if I use these instead of the 10.000 Regards, Youri
  4. Hi, I am aware that this is a very old topic of myself, but I would like to re-open it as i am still having difficulties with MBnet protocol and Can connections on my SID V.2 After a few years I still wanted to finish this project, even when the cores are far more advanced by now, I just kept it with the PIC18F4685. So I bought 2 PIC's (thanks again Ilmenator for the burning and quick posting!), changed the ID headers to 2 and 3 as the would act as slaves 3 and 4, uploaded the latest mios and the SID 8580 Hex. file and unfortunately "Canbus errors: and "No response from MBnet" messages Appear on the LCD. Strangely, when I disconnect the Can connection wire from Core 3 and 4, I can acces and adjust Core 2... I've spend quite some time examine the boards(all boards are based on Core v.3) for faults or bad soldering and comparing the 2 with the ones that do work but I honestly cannot find a thing. And I am pretty sure it's not the 3 and 4 PIC's, because placing them in the board of Core 2, I can acces them as. So it must be something in the boards right? On another thread [ http://midibox.org/forums/topic/11779-mbnet-and-canbus-errors/#comment-104313 ]someone speaks about: R80 (if that is that 1 K res. on board 1 I have that) and Jumpers (the Diodes bridges between the LCD pins 5-6..I have them as well) I hope someone can point me in the right direction and give me the "golden tip" as I really have now clue anymore atm.. Thanks in Advance and regards, Youri
  5. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I changed my mind and going to use the other 6581 for another project. So this topic can be closed. @ SID wizard: if you want to have a sid from a specific period I'm fine with swapping it. I don't mind those time stamps:) And maybe buy those other 8580, if reasonable priced;) Pm me
  6. Hi there I have 4 x 6581 chips for sale...and actually also looking for 2 x 8580 (or 6582?) so if anybody have a few left I am keen in buying or swapping for these 4 if you like 6551 CBM 2885 6581 CBM 2385 6581 1284 6581 R3 0486 S regards.
  7. Aha, so I still have some luck over:)
  8. nIls, Thanks for the reply. It Is the complete top row. It is A Oriental Display DM2002B. And I had some problems with the CAN bus interface -it could not detect my second sid- although I followed every step for the upgrade. But every else worked fine and it did not bothered me that much at that point. I tested the lcd back in 8-bit mode on an older Pic-core and that worked fine, so it is not fried. Then I looked up the specs for the screen and thought I found that the problem in wrong wiring (I wired it according to the 2002C instead to the 2002B type). But now Backlight and brightness are not working and I still have the blackrow, so the previous should have been the right one. thanks in advance, Youri [edit] I also did a complete reprogram of Mios 1.9 and then the Sid 2 Application with the only thing that uploading with LCD gives the error #11 midi-in Overun. And without not. [edit2] How should I read the numbers on the LCD when the are not on a straight line? so I have 2 lines of 8 next to each other where, looking from above, the left bottom has 1 and the top right has a 16. I soldered from left(1)-right(2), left(3)-right(4), etc. again it did work, but just to be shure.
  9. Hi There It is been a wile, but I encountered the following problem: My Lcd (2x20) suddenly got only A black bar on the top row. I have made one change: I made a proper pcb for the power supply instead of a breadboard. Everything works fine, but fine I only got 4.95 V. and 13.91V for 2 SID.s Could this small difference be the problem? Kind Regards, Youri
  10. OK. Tried some things. (don't know if the were very useful, but ok) 1. De-soldered 1K resistor on Master, Start up. Everythings works, except SID 2 2. Put it back and changed the complete Slave Module with another on (Also a version 3, with no 6N138 Optocoupler) Diode and eCan. Same result. No SID 2 3. Reprogramed Both Pic with the SID 8580.hex file. Master ID-00 and Slave ID-01. Result --> Uploaded with no problem AND with the LCD attached to the Master. So I think that also had to do with a Midi interface <-> Opereating system combination ....But still no SID 2:( I do have to upload the same Setup8580.hex to both Pic's, do I? Greetings Youri
  11. Checked for shortcuts, Visually and with a multi meter, many times, because I thought that should be the problem too, but cannot find one. Checked the diodes, but the are fine and in the good direction as well. @ Torsten, Yes I also had changed the connection on the J11 midi-in, I just even re-solder it, but nothing helps. again, everything starts up fine, can control everything except SID no.2 is inaccessable, That I cannot upload whith the LCD sceen attached is not the biggest issu for me, although I think the 2 problems must have to do something with eachother.
  12. OK attempt no. 2:) Hope this is a little better. Pic.1 Focus more on the left Pcb which is the master with 1K resistor between D3 to +5v and Diode between D2-D3 and the wire for Ecan to slave; attached directly to pin 36 (RB3) op the PIC. Pic.2 Focus more on the slave with diode between D2-D3 and the wire from the Master core Greetings, Youri
  13. here some pics, they are not that sharp, but this is the best what the Finepix s5700 can do this close by. My setup is 2xcore (pcb v.3.0), 2 x Sid 8580 (pcb v.3.0) and complete control surface, Power supply as described in Sid v 1.0 (with C64 psu) Last thing I want to add (for now) is some memory. But it would be fun first that SID2 is accessible;) The purple wire is the one for the Ecan. Greetings and thanks, Youri
  14. Yes, that too;) (sorry if I sounded arrogant with the "obvious" , I should know to put it as much details as possible for the the best and quickest help) That was the first thing I did after a got them from Mike. And that worked too, with no problem: after changing the ID of one of the two pic to 1 and press Query the " mios is up and running" message appears, so that is working. The one with ID=1 act as the slave. The message I got when I want to upload was the " #11: midi in overrun error" checked this out on the forum and this was most likely to be a transmission problem. Mostly caused by a mix of operating system and Midi-interface. I am using a Midisport 2x2, which was on the black list, but with Mac os. And I am using Linux. by the way, I did some mistyping;, I said to have disconnected D0-D4, but this should be D0-D3 ofcourse I will post pictures later
  15. I did not mention the PIC change because I thought that would be too obvious, it is the main part of the upgrade isn't it:) I also uploaded the latest Mios version and the right SID application on both Pic Everything works fine: New menu, Buttons, Pots, LCD. I only cannot access Sid number 2:( I also solder the wire between the two core's for the CAN bus to work, only I doesn't Greetings Youri
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