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  1. Hi all, I have the idea of using a ordinary 3 channel dj mixer as a simple controller for Traktror (or similar Dj tool). The concept I have is that I only would like to use the (Cross)fader(s), tone controls, gain, pan, channel Pfl on/of and Master. (Roughly 16 or so knobs/sliders/pots in total), bring all the wiring out of the mixer with, for example a Sub D 25 and have a small box connect to it, which include a AIN and Core module, which in turn goes to a midi interface (or directly to computer by means of USB, depending on the Core) My question is if this could be realized, or will I change the internal circuitry of the mixer in some way by connecting the extra wiring to the pots/sliders/buttons of the mixer?   Thanks in advance for any thoughts by any member. Cheers! Tron
  2. Hello Guys!  I read multiple topics here but I did not find answer exactly to that issue what I have and want to solve. I made a Midibox NG with STM32F4, Ainser64, DINs, etc. I found how to configure buttons and encoder behaviour, all is working great, but I am stucked with potentiometers, especially how to setup higher resolution and get the correct midi output what Traktor Pro can ‘’eat’’. In NGC file I made resolution=9..10..11 bit, range=0:511, 0:1023, 0:2047, depending on the bit depth setup, but all I got as midi signal is that the former 0...127 range (this was the range in 7 bit from CCW to full CW potentiometer turn) is divided multiple times to 0...127, 0...127, etc. ranges. I tried NRPN and Pitchbend type too, but no success. Am I doing sthg wrong, or MB NG is not supporting this in that way how I am thinking?  I would to control Traktor Pro pitch fader with a higher resolution, and with the mentioned ‘’divided’’ range, the pitch fader is not becoming more fine, and jumping back when CC changes from 127 to the next 0..127 range.   I am not sure that I wrote it correctly what I want, but hopefully understandable. I would have in a +/- xy % pitch range the finest resolution which is possible to achieve with MB NG and works well with Traktor Pro. Traktor is reacting to CC message, and 7bit resolution gives 64-64 steps from center to negative and to positive pitch range. This coarse resolution I would like to change to more fine steps.  It reacts to NRPN and Pitchbend messages too, but I could not achieve the same behaviour with higher resolution, like when CC is sent (xy steps in both directions from the center) Is it possible to do the a.m higher resolution fader steps with MB NG with CC, or NRPN, or Pitchbend event?  Many thanks for all of you for further help. Akos
  3. Desire MC1 - First Progress

    Hello everybody much time hast past since my last entry here, but this project is not dead. what happened in the meantime? my studies ate up much more time than I planned, so I had to change priorities. but its not all about math and machine construction ;-) first step was creating all the pcbs i need for building the controller and - my very own PIC-Burner. I used his lovely little pre-project to gain some advanced skills for the etching machine at work. thanks to my boss, i got a nice box, LEDs and faceplate for it. next step was the first big order from bürklin (having access to non privat selling companies via the company i work for in my freetime is a big advantage here). the order contained all parts for building core module, several dins, ains and douts, and a blue display from pollin. due to my own impatience, all modules were finished very fast, but I made a mistake on the interconnection between core and Display. result was a broken PIC and core... damnit. I borrowed 2 other displays from a friend of mine and ordered a new pic. this time, everything went well and I got the core up and running, with 128_din_dout software. Another sunday evening solder marathon later, my very first prototype with one din and ain module 4 switches, three pots and one rotary switch (for multilayering knobs in the software) was build and running. First tests with traktor pro 1.2 were sucessfull. At this point, the progress of my project begun to slown down. main reason for that was to find a reseller for my special alps potentiometers with buildin switches. actual status is that I am waiting for two mails from different resellers which I ve asked. also, finding round aluminium profiles for the boxing (I have to have round corners on it!) was a tough job. I spend around 3 weeks on the internet until I found I ordered 12 8cm pieces for three boxes (yes I am going to build more xD) and awaited them in january. it was a big surprise when they arrived this week just at my birthday xD rest of the time I spent on this project I thought a lot about the frontplate and the layout of its buttons. the picture from the last entry is not actual anymore, but I made only minor changes. I think the frontplate will be the last thing that i order, since there are many things that still have to be planned in detail, for example the display (I want to integrate a graphic one for informations like songtitle, bpm and selected effect, but i still did not figure out if mios support anything like that). two other big problems i have to solve are the mounting of the pots and the control- system for my RGB LEDs. so long Nasrudin