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  1. interestedin midiboxfm email thanks

  2. hi , i would like to buy the midibox fm thats built and running in a box for 80eu. thanks


  3. il core non parla con il MIOS studio!

    Ciao, quello che non ho capito è se una volta collegato il Midibox all'interfaccia midi del PC, questo non viene visto dal mios (hai controllato IN ed OUT midi in MIOS studio?) o se, nonostante il firmware caricato sia quello giusto (midimerger_pic18f_with_bootloader.hex) questo non viene visto ugualmente. Posta lo screenshot di MIOS studio. Ciao  
  4. [S] Selling all of my midibox stuff [ITALY]

    Here are the prices: 1st Picture: Set of 4 PCB with 8 Buttons and leds with connections for DIN and DOUT on the back: 20€ all together 2nd Picture Set of 2 PCB with 2 MBHP each completely separated eand fully working: 30€ each 3rd Picture MBHP LTC R2 without serial connector: 10€ 4th Picture: Set of 8 MIDI DINX4: 10€ each 5th Picture: Set of 5 MIDI DOUTX4: 10€ each 6th Picture: MIDI MONITOR fully working without power supply: 25€ 7th and 8th Pictures: Set of 2 MIDIBOX 64 fully stuffed and working with 64 DIN, 64 DOUT and 64 Analog IN: 50€ each 9th Picture: Complete MIDIBOX FM with PIC,  1 x YMF262, 2 x YAC512 and DINs and DOUTs without PS, encoders, buttons and LCD: 50€ 10th and 11th Pictures: Complete MIDIBOX FM with PIC,  1 x YMF262, 2 x YAC512 and DINs and DOUTs WITH PS, encoders, buttons, LCD and case: 80€ 12th Picture: MBHP OPL3 module fully stuffed with 1 x YMF262, 2 x YAC512: 30€ 13th Picture: GM5x5x5 fully working: 20€ 14th Picture: Set of 3 MIDIBOX MBHP with PIC: 15€ each 15th Picture: Set of 4 MIDIBOX MB MF fully stuffed and fully working for 8 motorfaders: 20€ each 16th Picture: Set of 4 MIDIBOX MB MF without chips: 5€ each For all my PCB I can provide schematics and PCB layout. Thank you very much.  
  5. Dear Midiboxers, due to my health status, unfortunately, I have to sell all of midibox stuff. Some of them have been purchased from Smashtv (only PCBs) and some of them have been designed and built by me (except PCBs which have been made by a professional PCB company). As you can see there are a lot of things. All of them are working. For the parts designed by me I’ll give schematics and PCB layouts. Below you can see all of the pix with prices. I prefer to sell in blocks of 50€ each (minimum). Shipping costs are not included as well custom taxes. I prefer Paypal. Please, feel free to make questions. I rush to sell everything. Thank you very much!!!!    
  6. MBLC V2 +CLCD

    Why not in English?
  7. MBHP_MF_NG & Protools

    Thank you again Artyman for your fast reply. In my rec studio I have a Protools 9 HD3 (1 core + 3 process) and a Pro Control (it's fantastic!!!!). What I want to do is to make an expansion for Pro Control (3 x midibox with 8 faders + 8 encoders and buttons). I've tested MF_NG with HUI emulations and it' working fine, but I can use only one midibox (PT allows to use only one midi control surface together with Procontrol which is LAN connected). That's why I need to upgrade to Core LPC17; they have LAN connection so I can connect with ProControl. In this way I have to connect MF_NG midi ports to LPC17 midi ports and Lan port to the PC. Am I right? But the problem is the same: How I have to configure Core LPC17? Which emulation? If someone can help me I'll apreciate a lot!!!!!!!! Bye Protosx
  8. MBHP_MF_NG & Protools

    First of all, thank you very much for your fast reply!!! It's clear how to connect them, but I still have a big doubt: I have to use my midibox with PT9, so, MF_NG will be configured as HUI emulation, but what about the core8? Logic Control or Mackie Control emulation? How will they be seen by PT9? How do I have to set PT9? The olny way (that I know up to now) is to select HUI and in this way the motorfaders are working really fine with MF_NG modules, but what about buttons and encoders? Will they work under PT in LC emulation on core8 linked to MF_NG? This is my big question. Thank you very much for your reply.
  9. MBHP_MF_NG & Protools

    Hi everybody, sorry for my (maybe) stupid question: It's clear that with the MBHP_MF_NG module I can choose Makie HUI emulation for 8 faders to work with ProTools. This is what I did. I upgraded my midibox LC ( see the topic " I've built my dream") with 4 new MF_NG module connected directly to GM5 Midi ports. The work really fine with PT9. My question is: What about buttons (mute, solo, rec, sel, transport, etc)? Which core module I have to use? With which emulation? Should I have to connect each MF_NG module to each core? Which is the master core module (with transport)? I have 32 ch midibox lc (originally was 4 x core 8 + 4 x OLD MF modules now ugrated to the new), so it's not so clear to me what I have to do. Please give me the light!! Thank you very much in advance.
  10. ALPS K type motorized faders

    Hi, I need 16 pcs. Bye
  11. ciao, mi sembra di capire che sei italiano....ho visto i tuoi PCB e sono esattamente quello che vorrei fare io....posso chiederti qualche consiglio ?

  12. Where to get ReAn Knobs?

    Hi, you can try on this site Let me know which model you need and if want to start a bulk order. Bye Peppe
  13. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Thank you very much Emre!!!! I'll post pix as soon as I'll finish the job. Bye Peppe
  14. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hi Emre, thank you very much!!! Sorry to everybody I don't want to be OT, but Emre, could you send me also the Varitronix LCD pinout? Thank you very much again! Cheers Peppe
  15. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hi Emre, yes, I known, I'm really crazy, but I've just oredered 4 pcs of Varitronix 55x2 LCD from M-Audio service to be added to my 32ch MBLC. In the past I purchased all kind of displays (2x40, 2x28 and GLCD 128x64) but I was non satisfied completely. I was thinking about Varitronix LCD 'cause I have a M-Audio ProjectMix I/O but I was a little bit afraid about connection and sw changes. I paid €65 + VAT (21%) each + shipping €14 = €328,6 which means €82 each display. It's quiet expensive, but I want them. Could you help me by sending me the pinout and the file that you modified in order to have the right characters display? Thank you very much in advance!!!! By Peppe