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  1. Rackmount MB6852 ideas?

    Ok, fixed the panel, now it is symmetric. FPE does accept pre-made material but it is a pain to send it, have them work on it, then send it back. (It also comes at a high cost). I think that using proto-board will be good for the panel wiring because it is cheap and easy to work with but it does induce more wiring. Of course PCB layout would lead to a much cleaner and neater/easier to do layout, but it does require prototyping and cost. I think if we can decide on a front panel layout (not color), we could maybe do some bulk ordering and establish a design. I plan to use a modified C64 PSU and mount it internally with a step down transformer. If you can shield the PSU, you should be fine. Since I will be going with individual modules, it might be better to use protoboard for the paneling. I will order the case from Jameco as soon as the next paycheck rolls in. Chris.
  2. Rackmount MB6852 ideas?

    Just did some general adjustments with symmetry and tweaked to taste. mb6582-R.fpd
  3. Rackmount MB6852 ideas?

    Sounds good. I'm going the modular route to save on cost so I can 1) troubleshoot each area 2) remove a module if needed) 3) add more modules if need be 4) finance to save on costs. I'm going to do a bit to the front panel to clean it up but all in all it looks excellent. I'm going to use that 3U rack from Jameco as well. I would not be hard to fabricate a front panel board for this project though I too do not have the software and time to do so. This seems a great solution if someone wants to add to their pre-existing rack. As far as the heat flow, you could have a fan intake in the front with a fan blowing out the rear for a push pull configuration. I was thinking that the SID won't draw that much heat if a proper PSU is used and since you opted for the 12v design. As far as the voltage regulators, having a heat sink protrude out the back side of the case isn't out of the question either and have them mounted with thermal compound. I'll try to work on the design tonight but exams are this week so I don't know how much will get done.
  4. Rackmount MB6852 ideas?

    Excellent Work. I am trying to accomplish the same thing. If you could send me the file, I think I could help a bit on symmetry. You have to keep the spacing the same too in order for things to line up of the protoboard. I think you can adjust the grid though and move some things it would work out. If you are going to order this panel, could you possibly look at a group order to save costs? I would be interested. This could turn into MB6582R. Regardless if you use a 2U or 3U layout you will be able to fit the components. You might have to increase the depth of the enclosure though. This is very exciting. Chris.
  5. I've built my dream! MBLC

    Great work!
  6. Planning for a MIDIBOX LC

    When you say app, do you mean what is programmed into the PIC? Sorry Im very new to this.
  7. Planning for a MIDIBOX LC

    Thanks, Maybe the MIDIBOX LC is a little too advanced and I should just stick to the 64. Im ordering my kit for the core this weekend with the pre-programmed PIC. I'll work and test that before I do anything else.
  8. Planning for a MIDIBOX LC

    Well, Here I go. I just obtained FL Studio about 3 months ago. I love the mixer but hate using it with my mouse. I dont currently own a MIDI controller so I thought It would be good to buy one... Not. All of them look and feel really cheap and mostly useless. So, I said what the Hell, How about I build one? I checked out Ucapps and this site and this is amazing. I decided the past week I would do some planning. Im pretty technically inclined, I built a analog synthesizer before, but this is pretty overwhelming. What I need Is about 16 Pots, 8, Faders, 8 Buttons, and a LCD. So I checked out the Midibox LC. Looks like a nice project, but I had some pretty general questions to ask before I start. Will I need alot of programming knowledge in order to complete this project? I know a little VB, and the Basic of C++ but nothing special. Can this Project have a USB output or does it only use MIDI Out? How do I power the Core Module? EDIT: Looked on the Wiki and found this page: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/ Just looking for a quick guide, for someone to lead me into the right path. Im new to this so Im still trying to grasp the basic concepts. Thanks In Advance Chris