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  1. Boards and Panels

    Hmm I checked Modular Addict just a few months ago (e.g. http://modularaddict.com/manufacturer/midibox) but looks like they are down for the moment. As far as I am aware it was them, and Smash TV's site (avishotech.com) before that. Wilba is the original designer of these so you might check to see if he's still here on the forums. Otherwise, yeah may have to wait for modularaddict.com to sort out whatever is going on over there.
  2. Neon Midnights

    Hah yeah I spent a ton of time on it relative to how much I usually spend on things. I really wanted it as polished as I could reasonably make it. Thanks for the kind words, Peter!
  3. Neon Midnights

    Another new track I've been working really hard on for the past few weeks. While it doesn't showcase the Midibox SID (sammichSID in my specific case), it definitely plays an important role! I used it for the sweet sqaurewave growl in the mid-section and for the in your face square arpeggiator fills. I should honestly bust out the sammichFM a bit more though I tend to use the Yamaha TX81z (which made an appearance as well). This song is part of a hopefully upcoming EP I hope to finish in the summer. We'll see!
  4. SammichSID 24LC512 store one bank each?

    All good. Enjoy your Sammich!
  5. SammichSID 24LC512 store one bank each?

    Check this out, specifically: Five “BankStick” slots, so you can store 4 banks of 128 patches, plus 128 “Ensembles” (engine and patch configurations) So what you're seeing is correct - A through D are normal banks and G is the ensemble bank (and yep each chip equates to one bank). I can confirm this is how it's working on my sammichSID as well.
  6. Interstellar Subway

  7. Interstellar Subway

    Thanks Peter! I've got a few more tracks in various states of progress too (also using the SID ;) ). You do the same! Always lovely to hear your tracks when you post them!
  8. Interstellar Subway

    I'll admit, on this one the SID is a little further back in the mix as it is mostly contributing to the bassline, but it coupled with all my other synths, really produced something I'm quite proud of. I haven't released a solo track in quite a long time. That's one perk of the pandemic, I guess! https://carrierwavemusic.bandcamp.com/track/interstellar-subway
  9. Ooooh nice! Well that's helpful! That's a definitive possibility then. I worked on the LED Matrix yesterday. My previous iteration used SMDs, which definitely save space, but since I use a second board for the ICs, I had enough room to try thru-hole components since they're easier to work with. I wanna say it's about $75 for both the boards from OskPark. PCBWay and, erhm, the other one, are less expensive of course. The front panel is still about $275 from FPE. It's always been about the same price. I think I am going to convert the screw holes to blind threaded holes though. I'm actually between jobs due to Mr. Virus so for now I'm just trying to plan and gauge how much work is left and work on how best to approach the DIN/DOUT stuff Last time I landed on using 2x5 headers (just like CORE's J8/J9) but I really only need 6 pins (+5V, GND, Clock, Latch, DIN, DOUT).
  10. Fractal Floater

    Nice to hear from you Hawkeye! Really love that tune! I also feel your pain about the flying rules. I sold my quadcopter gear and got into film photography fairly big. Kept doing music, though more-so in a band with a different sound. Been getting back into as of late. Nice to see you are too! Glorious tune!
  11. I found my old Eagle layouts for my rackmount SID I was wanting to make. I've been using the sammichSID quite a bit lately to the point I'm wanting a bigger control surface (never had a whole lot of luck with CTRLR) and just to cross this off my list :P Hadn't touched this since 2011 heh. Anyways this is where I left it: http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=mb-sidr8tr:start#led_matrix The question I had was, is FrontPanel Express and Eagle still the way to go? Been trying KiCAD since it could allow me to have a single board control surface (without getting nailed by licensing limits Eagle has) but the downside is that's a lot of cost to sink into it if I mess it up. So I think going with my separate board solution probably makes sense. I noticed OSHPark now does laser cutting of metal which made me wonder about using that over FPE (though FPE has always produced stunning panels). For those wondering why not just build an MB-6582 - I like Rackmount and the cables connecting the lower and upper boards have been my undoing. That plus a rackmount gives me tons of space to add, say, filters, a nice PSU, a fan for the SIDs, etc. The baseboard will still be using the MB-6582.
  12. Back from the dead!

    To add on a bit, it was/is originally built by a guy (TK) but the designs and code are available (with commercial restrictions) which allows for things like the standard module-based setup, the MB6582 and the sammichSID (the latter not being currently available alas) among others. The MB6852 is, more or less, a bunch of MidiBox modules put onto a single mainboard. The code is mostly the same as if you did the same thing with module boards with the only big customizations being for the control surface. These devices are all just different implementations of the designs. So they're all effectively MidiBox SIDs just with different modules built-in. There have been some fairly customized versions of the MidiBox SID (and FM) that have popped up here from folks that added their own customizations as sort of one-offs. Things like combining MBCV with external filters in a single enclosure, that sort of thing. There's a TON you can do with the platform.
  13. Back from the dead!

    The one warning I have with the MB6582 is to get the proper ribbon cables between the control surface and the mainboard. I believe some folks may have used right angled headers for one of the boards but there isn't really enough room to use headers for both since the boards connect at the front of the enclosure (where there is the last amount of space). This ended up being my downfall. I got everything else put together wonderfully, except those darn headers. Hence why I want to make a rackmount version...one day.
  14. Back from the dead!

    I use my sammichSID regularly albeit alongside a number of other synths (modern and vintage). I still have some of my board layouts for a rackmount 3U MB6582 based synth as well but it's been a bit cost prohibitive to go that route. So yes it's still viable and useful! The main issue is finding a working SID (or two for stereo) or the various SID-like options (e.g. SwinSID). If you have that sorted the MidiBox SID platform is quite good as a modern and fairly unique synthesizer - explains why I use it in nearly every song I write.  
  15. Hah I was talking about this yesterday oddly enough (with MBCV to use as an external filter).