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  1. Core32, C, and midibox_MM

    Thanks for answering :) I probably don't have the know-how myself, but perhaps someone I know does. I wonder if it's basically a complete re-write, or if only portions of the code need to be re-written?
  2. Core32, C, and midibox_MM

    Still reading and planning my toy, and had another question: Since the Core32 can be loaded directly with programs made in C (no assembler language) and the midibox_MM is already written in C; does that mean it can be loaded directly to the Core32 and run properly in it's current state? Thanks
  3. Nice build! I'm still planning my project and had a few questions: - How did you get 16 faders, do you have two cores? -What is the resolution of the faders? Thanks!
  4. New & Simple Project Questions

    Anybody have any comments/suggestions? It seems the HUI and MMC protocols are still undefined. All I need is the ping info and the fader info which I may be able to midiOx and a real HUI and MMC...
  5. Midibox64 - 14bit Faders

    Yes, but are they the same as HUI?  It's tough to get the facts, as there doesn't seem to be a comprehensive list of the specifications of each protocol.  I'm mostly interested in HUI and MCU, and I've read wildly varying reports on this forum about what makes up each protocol.  I don't mind midiOx-ing each one, but if it's already been done it would save me some time.  :)
  6. Midibox64 - 14bit Faders

    Which is what I'll be doing with my project.  Now all I need to know for sure is if the MBLC sends the proper ping back to the DAW to identify it's self as HUI or Mackie Control. Sorry to hijack this thread...  I've asked in other threads, but no responses
  7. Midibox64 - 14bit Faders

    Not to mention the hysteresis of the motor fader, which will make that resolution physically impossible. Does anyone know the fader resolution of the MBLC project?  I believe Mackie Control and HUI are both 10bit (1024 steps).
  8. New & Simple Project Questions

    Hi everyone, I have a simple project I would like to make, and after reading quite a bit here I think I know what I need.  Your advice and experience would be MOST appreciated! I want to control 16 VCA's with both HUI and Mackie Control (not at the same time of course) from a DAW.  I also would like 10bit resolution to match the HUI and MCU fader resolution spec.  Most DAW's send a "ping" to identify HUI or MCU, so I need the proper response as well.  So I figured I need: 1 core 2 Aout NG's Can I load the MBLC program to get all of the HUI & MCU instruction set? Do I need a bankstick to hold both sets of instructions (HUI and MCU)? Do I need an LCD to see what I'm doing? Ideally I'd like to use the new core32 to take advantage of USB, but it seems it's not ready yet.
  9. Pro Tools Compatible?

    This is of interest to me as well.  I've only just begun exploring the world of midibox, so expect lot's of newbie misinfo from me...  but I think both HUI and M@ckie MMC protocols need to have a midi "ping" sent back to the host DAW for them to be recognized by the software.  While lurking on this forum I remember stumbling upon this info, but I'm not positive it was confirmed correct and implemented into any firmware.  Anybody know?  Do I need to put on my dunce cap and go sit in the corner? :P
  10. Is LC on MBHP_CORE_STM32 module Possible or likely?

    EXACTLY what I'm looking for - COOL! :D