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  1. Thanks Thorsten - that did it! I read those posts, but it just didn't click for me... I'm really loving this sequencer! I had been shopping for a good step sequencer for some time, and had made up my mind to buy an Octopus, but before I had saved the required funds, I found the MIDIbox. Saving money was nice, and the feeling of accomplishment you get from completing a project of this scope is great, but the real reward is the sequencer itself. The feature set compares quite favorably with anything else out there. It is a joy to work with and has quickly become the centerpiece of my stu
  2. Beta22 is acting very strange for me. My sequencer has only been completed for a few weeks, and I have only created 1 session that contains a drum track, but it plays incorrectly now (the "note" tracks play as they should). Although the length is set at 16, stages 9-16 don't play, and every time it loops through stages 1-8, it skips stage 6! The stage LEDs are moving at half the speed that the track is playing. I checked the clock divisor and it displays the correct value. It seems as though there are also some random drums thrown in sometimes too. Has anybody else experienced anything l
  3. I don't know about any of the modern flux removers, but when I worked for Moog, we used denatured alcohol and a wire brush. You can put me in the camp that says avoid acetone too - it attacks too many plastics! Polystyrene capacitors are particularly vulnerable.
  4. Looks nice - I love your graphics!
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    Hello forum! I've begun ordering parts for my MIDIbox sequencer and thought that I would take a moment to introduce myself... My name is Dale Ong. I'm 50 years old and began creating experimental/electronic music at about age 10. I have no formal education in either music or electronics, but I have worked with synthesizers my entire life. The highlight of my career was working for Robert Moog at Big Briar in 1982 and '83. During those years Big Briar was mainly a small custom shop. I was the only full-time employee, so I had a unique opportunity to work very closely with Bob. I'm ver
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