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  1. Vic Viper - Launch I posted before about my other band, Kirby's Dream Band, in which we use the MB6582 that I built. Here's Vic Viper!  Same keyboardist, using my sammichSID I put together!  Every sound on the album is Guitar, Sammich, Bass, and Drums, so you'll hear the Sammich quite well :)
  2. [S] 8580 and 6581 SID's up for sale

    I will PM you now!  I just want to see the prices in USD $, and figure out shipping cost.
  3. sammichSID for sale

    I sent a PM.  I'm interested if it comes with SID chips!
  4. MIDIbox SID V2 Patches

    I play bass in Kirby's Dream Band, and I let one of the keyboard players use my MB-6582.   Here is a bank with the patches he uses for live shows.  They're probably the same patches that are used on The Pink Album. KDB bank
  5. Filters don't work right

    I found two 6581 chips that work, so I used those to test.   In the case of at least one slot, I had placed the jumper in the wrong spot (I was supplying the 6581 with 9v instead of 12v).  Putting the jumper on the correct voltage makes the filters work!   I'll report back if this doesn't fix all the slots.     EDIT: welp, that was the only problem.  Cool!
  6. Filters don't work right

    Thanks guys! I did a quick solder seemed fine but I'll check again. I'll also do a more comprehensive chip/slot check. Can anyone confirm that a the SID will either fail both LP and HP, or pass both? That would make things a lot easier!
  7. Filters don't work right

    I have a MB-6582 stuffed with 8 6581 SIDs - all different types. Today I went through all my SID chips (I have 13 6581 chips) and recorded their performance on waveform and filter tests. (They all pass the waveform test!) My test was: turn on OSC 123 on SID 1 L. Test cutoff sweeps on LP, then BP, then HP filters. Repeat for SID 1 R. Repeat for SID 2 L, etc. After switching out the first 8, with the next 5 SIDs, and recording the results, I noticed patterns on the placements of the SIDs. For example, both times, the chip in the SID 4 R slot had perfect filter tests. Both times the SID in SID 3 R slot failed LP and HP filters. If I took the "good" chip (from SID 4 R slot) and put it in the "bad" position (SID 3 R), it doesn't work! So I tried switching out the filter capacitors - that didn't change anything. I have tried putting one "bad" chip into a "good" slot, and it was still "bad." Am I missing another factor here?
  8. Here's one of my bands We just finished recording bass and drums for our album! I let one of the keyboard players borrow my MB-6582. He's learning how to work it, so he can make good patches. Once he gets that down, the MB-6582 should be in our recording and live setup! More stuff on
  9. Random Generator

    ah, I see. So there's no way to quickly get the same random patch to all 4 cores?
  10. Connecting Baseboard to CS

    Man...I soldered the 90 degree pin headers to the CS board...all good. But I soldered regular pinheaders to the baseboard, and crimp plugs to both ends of the I realllly have to squish to get the case closed. I really don't want to solder anything directly to the board, or even the pins. I've only had bad luck with weak wires.
  11. Random Generator

    I'm using MIOS v 1.9g and MidiboxSID v 2.041 I was using Midibox SID v 2.037, but I just updated - same problem. I'm using the file setup_mb6582.hex (It's a MB6582 stuffed with 6581 SIDs) I tried cloning the slaves by holding Menu at startup- same problem. Though, the cloning process does seem very fast. My jumper at J11 is bridging the pins to make Core1 the master, like it should be. All else seems fine, I just can't get the random generator to work on more than one core simultaneously. I can get it to work on each core individually.
  12. Connecting Baseboard to CS

    Yesss, that's exactly what I needed. Thanks so much for documenting!
  13. Connecting Baseboard to CS

    Someone a while back posted pictures of a solution for connecting the MB6582 CS board with the baseboard using pin headers. I can't find that thread, can anyone help?
  14. Random Generator

    I have a MB-6582 stuffed with 8 SIDs. I can't figure out how to make the random patch generator (lead engine) apply to all the cores. It seems to only apply to Core 1, even when I have all 4 SID buttons selected.
  15. Safer power supply

    I actually got as far as this: before asking, but I'll rephrase: To those who use a pre-built power supply: Do you modify the jack of the MB6582, the plug of the power supply, or do you use some sort of adapter?