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  1. [S] MBSeq V4 (without enclosure)

    - Sold - 
  2. [S] MBSeq V4 (without enclosure)

    Core is LPT17, LCD´s are 2x40 Green (not shure bout the brand), buttons are the onec from the bom (wilba´s frontpanel)   I´ll include a TDP module (allmost working)..... I messes up the led matrix modules on this 1..... still possible to rescue.    
  3. Near finished mbseq v4 up for sale... complete unit with schaffer frontpanel (Wilba´s layout) and QuadIIC. Fully tested.   No enclosure...   price..... make me an offer here or email: op(at)teig1.no   Located in Norway.   Brgds Ole Peder
  4. The Pedal Box and Pedal Board Thread

    Up´n running, relays not implemented yet..... Great midi switcher!!!!    
  5. 2014 02 13 20.53.29

    From the album Pedalbox

  6. [S] TPD (Track Position Display) PCBs for sale

    Please add me for 1 board   Brgds Ole Peder
  7. The Pedal Box and Pedal Board Thread

    I'll answer my own post..... I had a faulty bankstick in position 5 (thus the error message 245). Edit: No no no.....Not the correct error description.... Bankstick ID5 is not configured for pedalbox   Sorted the bankstick problems.... I had to export master & devices manually from PBEditor2 manually to sysex files, then use MIOS studio to upload the info.   Not a trivial task to get the bankstick uploaded...  This is what I had to do (after xxx tests)   1: do all needed basic configuration in PBEditor2, I chose to use Midi channel 16 for master BS, check that all your devices have their individual unique Midi channel.   2: pull out all banksticks except master BS in ID0 position.  upload the master 2.1: swap BS in ID0 position to one of the device BS.  Upload this device BS with the correct sysex. -repeat 2.1 for the remaining device BS´s   3: insert all you BS´s (Master in ID0 pos, devices in the remaining positions)   Woilaa no error reported, works 100%
  8. The Pedal Box and Pedal Board Thread

    Hi.  I descided to reuse my "old" mbseq v3 boards on this project.  I´ve done nothing to the setup (all board are still inside the mbseq box with all the buttons encoders etc).... uploaded the pbx program, and the box reboots....   I use a 2x16 lcd (replaced the dual 2x40 lcd with a singre 2x16lcd)   after boot, the display only shows the info; Pedal Board Error 245   After reading this thread and looking at the error codes, the error 24x indicates the bankstick has not been formatted for PB.... how can I format the bankstick?  (In mbseq v3 I used a menu to format banksticks)   Brgds Ole Peder
  9. LPC1769 Core + LPCPRESSO + 3 MF NG possible ?

    I´m finishing the build as the topic of this thread :-) (not trying to hijack the thread....)   I will use the same PSU for all modules thus no need to use the optocouplers.   Question: Can I connect the modules this way: (Using only 1 cable for each of the lines below) LPC1769 -> MF_NG 1-3 J11- MI1 -> MF_NG(1) - J11-MO1 J11- MO1 -> MF_NG(1) - J11-MI1 J11-MI2 -> MF_NG(2) - J11-MO1 J11-MO2 - > MF_NG(2) - J11-MI1 J5B-A6 -> MF_NG(3) - J11-MO1 J5B-A7 -> MF_NG(3) - J11-MI1   Brgds Ole Peder
  10. Ok, to sum things up....   I'll use 3xMF_NG + 1xLPC17 over USB and use 3 seperate midi io from LPC17, one to each of the MF_NG.  This will hopefully give me 3 seperate midi devices in OSX.    If someone can confirm this, it would be great. :rolleyes:
  11. I just tested two HUI´s in protools.     running them in serial will not work.  1st HUI will control fader 1 and 9, 2 and 10 etc.  2nd HUI will only control fader 1 - 8   Running them on two interfaces works perfectly!!  In protools I can address 4 different HUI´s through MIDI,  they will show with different color in the mixer in PT.   Conclusion:  I must use novski´s plan.  3xMF_NG + 1xLPC17 over USB.   Will using the USB result in 4 seperate MIDI I/O´s in protools (or any other DAWs) ?
  12. Hi   Thanks for answering my post.   Novski: Picture explainet very well howto, thanks :-)   Ilmenator:  I Live In Elverum, not very close to Trondheim (used to live there tho...)  Thanks for the cofeeinvite!  I sure would have done that..... If you prefer Norwegian, we can "chat" in the Norwegian thread (If I recall correctly you native Language is German?)   I guess I must try the HUI protocoll in real life.. (I have a Mackie HUI and a Yamaha 4416 laying around... those units should be able to Control chanel 1-16)   I will order 3 MF_NG modules and try that as a start.  (I actually only need 1 MF_NG to fix my surface as only faderboard B software is faulty...)   LPCXPRESSO/Magjack..... Ahaaa!!! :-) Thnx   Thanks again for you replies.  This community rox, and ofc. TK !!! (I´ve been lurking here for years,,,, under alias mjproc.... but I lost my password.... :no: )
  13. Hi Backgroud: I´m currently repairing my Control 24 unit. I´ve so far replaced severals controller cards in the unit, unfortunately I still have 2 faders that does not "behave" correctly... Dealing with Avid support is uhm....put nicely.... HARD!!... Most answers I get from repairshops is like "the unit is way beyond - End of life".... Sadly there are no schematics or any documentation of the unit available..... My current status is the console is working 99%. The only thing that may fix this unit to near 100% functionality is to change the Main controller card (called CUB)...... or retrofit the faderboards with MBHP_MF_NG!!! I frequently stop my Midibox community to update me on the news... and last night I saw the light ;-) My plan now is to give up crying for support from Avid, and do the retrofit for the faders (as of now).... If Avid descide to stop support for these devices in PT11,,,, I can expand this project by replacing the guts of the rest of the unit.... Plan: Purchase 3x MBHP_MF_NG modules 1x Core LPC17 module My power supply have both 10vdc and 5 vdc I basicly have to get the cards going and connect it the existing faders. Questions: Do I need the Core module? I am to control 24 faders. If I can drop the Core module, can I link the 3 boards according to the midibox link doc? and use HUI protocols in Protools? If I need the core module; will the USB to midi need any drivers/software to work in OSX? (I belive I cannot use OSC to control Protools) Is the LPCXPRESSO the same as SmashTV refers to as MagJack? Sorry about the long post, and I hope you understand what I´m´trying to explain.... Brgds from Norway Ole Peder
  14. I've built my dream! MBLC

    Have you tested your amazing controller with Mixbus? Will you offer pcb's? If so, what's the price?