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  1. GM5 as CORE?

    Good! Thanks! Any recommendations for a good core?
  2. GM5 as CORE?

    Okay, thanks! I find it quite confusing - so for building a Midibox64, I'd need AIN's and DIN's connected to a CORE module, and the core connected to the GM5 to use USB again?
  3. GM5 as CORE?

    Hi everyone, just wanted to know if the GM5 module is intented as a replacement for the CORE module? that is, can I connect the AINX and DIN modules for a Midibox64 project directly to the GM5? Thanks! Paleorama
  4. Amp in DIN/DOUT module?

    Hi, I am currently looking at some pushbuttons for my midibox project - I found some really neat ones with LED's. So I thought of connecting the switch in the button to the DIN and connecting the DOUT to the LED inside the button. But I am bit lost about the specs of the DIN/DOUT module. I know it's running 5V but how many amps is it driven of? I am building on the GM5 - is it just the amount of current that comes out of the USB port then? The specs for the pushbuttons is: HIGH QUALITY LATCHING DPDT OFF/ON WITH RED LED (CAN BE WORK 3V- 6V)PUSH BUTTON SWITCHES. FEATURES: - DPDT- OFF/ON LATCHING TYPE, PUSH IT ON, PUSH ITAGAIN OFF - CUT SIZE: 17mm X 17mm (PRESSFIT TYPE) - 125V 6A, 250V 3A; CAN ALSO WORK FOR 12V, 24V. It says that it can work with a wide variety of voltage but I dunno if the amount of current (ampere) the midibox is sending out will be to little. Help is very much appreciated!
  5. Midibox and OSC

    But thanks for the links, it looks very promising - at least for a future extension!
  6. Midibox and OSC

    I think his point was that MIDI isn't very effective at spitting multiple parameters into the computer at once. And then there's the resolution..
  7. Midibox and OSC

    Hi everyone, I'd like to know if it's possible to build a Midibox64, which I'm currently planning to do (if I can get my hands on a GM5x5x5) and make it send the data into the computer via OSC? My friend told me that it would be more low-cost, CPU-wise maybe, but also regarding the multiple channels that are coming in. Does it make sense? Regardless of all these pro and cons, does anyone know if it's possible to make the Midibox speak with Open Sound Control? Best regards, Daniel
  8. [S] Sold out

    Do you still have the assembled GM5x5x5? I'd like to buy it from you - I live in Denmark, Scandinavia.
  9. [S] Sold out

    This might be a little odd place to post this question, but what's the difference between the mini pcb and the gm5x5x5? I think I'd like to buy this from you if it's working and there's no major difference between this and the gm5x5x5. :) Best regards, Daniel
  10. Twinnie's Garage Sale!!

    Hi there! I would like to buy a couple of GM5x5x5 PCBs from you :) d'you still have them? Best regards, Daniel