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  1. motor faders

    At what resolution does the MF_NG work? I can't find info on this.  I am about to start building a 32 channel mixer and I dont know if I should order parts for 4xMF_NG or if I should go with another option. I want high resolution and silent as possible. I already have the parts to build one module so I should be able to test the noise.  I already have 29 TKD faders but I am looking for the remaning 3 to complete the set. If anyone has 3x TKD MF-914 faders please let me know.    BTW novski, that mixer looks amazing. The channel design is very similar to mine. Keep us updated!    
  2. Fader Automation

    Zam,  Why dont you use the MF_NG? I was planning on getting some TKD faders and use a MF_NG module. Is there any problem with it?  Thanks!
  3. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

      Thanks for the links. I will read them as soon as I got the time.    Ideally I would like 48 faders.    Basically 40 "channel" strips each including: small oled (just for channel name), 4 illuminated switches, 1 encoder + led ring and a 20-led meter. And 8 "bus" strips the same as above minus 2 switches, encoder and led ring but double the amount of leds (stereo meter) And a "master control" section consisting of various swiches (transport, etc), master meter and a "selected channel section" which has 8 encoders controlling the sends of whatever channel is selected. No master fader.   Would this be possible with 2 Core_LPC17 modules?   Also, are faders limited to 127 states?    Thanks!!
  4. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Awesome.   Another question: can multiple CORE_LPC17 Modules be used at the same time? (In case I need more than 32 motorized faders for example).   Thanks
  5. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Wow this really took off since last I checked! Great job Thorsten.   Does this board only work with the Alps K motorfader? Or does it work with the previous lower quality "V1" motorfaders? Where can I source the Alps K series? Is there a group buy? Cant find them anywhere.  Thanks!