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  1. Hi Steve, thanks for your reply. I wasn`t used to the three modes described in my old Midibox due to different settings in the file "MBSEQ_HW.V4" so I was confused. As I just found out one has to read CAREFULLY and one has to check at which position the cursor >...< is currently. That's the knob that decides about the whole row values! Great. Problem solved. Michael
  2. Hi Forum, I have some questions: 2) The All Button/Function has a strange behaviour. Where can I find some documentation about it? Unfortunately searching for "All" or "All Button" produces too many results. In my case the behaviour is: Press All one time the LCD is blinking and shows notes/velocity/length and if I move the first encoder it only changes the value of the first encoder. When I move the e.g 7th encoder all values are changed accordingly. 3) I showed the newly built Midibox to my piano teacher and did a little "advertisement" about the midibox project. When I ex
  3. Hello Forum, it is done. Another Midibox V4SEQ+ is in heavy use since today! I started soldering during the christmas holidays, doing a lot of mistakes like confusing SMD Resistor Arrays on the JA Board, mixing up the direction of the LED matrix and finally forgot to put the J5 jumper for the 5 Volts on the core board the project is finished. Peter and Andy helped me so much via E-Mail. So, here´s a little story: In 2005 I built my second midibox based on the PIC and now after 15 years a lot of things in my life changed, since 2012 I have my degree in electrical engineering
  4. Update Complete! Hey there, I just like you to know that I am very, very glad and full of motivation to work with my midibox again. Originally built in 2005, the "baby" has now made the next step. It was updated from V2 to V4, which was not too difficult beside the hardware button configuration. Encoders are no longer flickering due to the non-detended option and the amount of functions is just crazy. Cheers Michael
  5. Thank you nIls and TK, unfortunately I only understand "BAHNHOF" in your Programmers Lounge. I´ll think about it, no bother. I´let you know.
  6. Hey, maybe you can help me giving some background information about the two lines in the following: Yesterday I started by downloading the ftp://ftp.lansystems.co.uk/pub/midibox/mios32_toolchain_intelmac_20101024.zip I didn´t bother about the intelmac(yeah, I don´t know much about compiling yet) and it didn´t work. After that I started to install XCode(yeah, I didn´t read the first sentence of the howto) and after that I tried the way with installing gputils and sdcc. # mios32 export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/stm32/bin //What is this for? Where does it come from sdcc, gputils
  7. Hello Forum, yes I know PPC is 5 years ago. But is it possible to set up the toolchain to program for the STM32 Core? I changed to 10.5. because I wanted to use MIOS_Studio, which works well so far. I went throught the Forum, tried to compile with the 3 step method from Rics " downloaded the repository MIOS32, edited the PATH, made a .profile but when I type in make -s....: noname:tutorials midi$ cd 001_forwarding_midi noname:001_forwarding_midi midi$ ls Makefile README.txt app.c app.h mios32_config.h noname:001_forwarding_midi midi$ make -s Creating object file for app.c ma
  8. Alright, thanks for the quick response.
  9. Hello, I have just ordered a STM 32 Core and started stuffing the parts. As I am always doing mistakes myself, I mixed up some resistors on the board and so had to double check everything. So I found a little mistake on the silk screen or on the design. Please help!!! Thanks, Michael P.S. Thanks for the Forum workaround, worked fine for me on OS X 10.4
  10. Hi Folks, the order was sent. At least we were two guys. So again, the bulk order for Germany is closed now. Cheers.
  11. I think I will order in 2 weeks. By the way do you know if one has to order the Core32 Module PCB with IC && the Core32 parts kit?
  12. Hello Forum, long time no see, actually I had to rename myself to macsurfer. So, I like to place an order to get a STM32 board and I like to ask around if anyone based in Germany wants to order something from the shop too. I read through some posts and I hope am doing all right so far. -> Guide to Organizing a Bulk Order-> Point 1-> Post a thread in the Bulk Order Forum to arouse interest... As this is Smash TV´s shop there will be no reduced price, the order is just to share the postage to Germany. I am not sure about VAT or customs but as the order will be above 20somet
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