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Found 3 results

  1. Im familiar with pcb kit building and will be able to assemble my parts fine but ive got a few midibox platform questions Ive ordered 2 core8 pcbs, 2 midibox sid pcbs, and a midibox genesis pcb. Is it best to use the two sids with a core8 and the genesis with the other core8? Or is there a way to use all the modules with the same core? Ive done some research and cant find any evidence of the sid pcb supporting more than one sid, so im assuming that unless its the mb-6582 its one sid per sid-pcb. Im aware the mb-6582 uses a more expensive pic device, not sure if i would need this for multiple sids with the modules I've got My aim is to be able to construct a device that can be used as a synthesizer, running as a slave synced to a daw running on my computer, are there any additional modules i'll need for this? Thanks for being patient if these questions turn out to be really common, i did check first but it wasnt as clear-cut as i was hoping
  2. Hello I have purchased all the parts nescassary to build a MBHP_BURNER in order to burn the bootsrap loader on to the PIC18F4685 and the firmware on to the PIC16F88 in order to build the PIC based core. The IIC MIDI Module page mentions firmware is to be burned to the PIC16F88, however i can not find a description of this firmware or a download link for it. Please direct me. Many Thanks
  3. Hello everybody. I have received today my sammichSID unit but im totally lost. Can somebody please answer my dubts / questions ? : 1 ) where can i get an instruction manual or something ? i have been searching in google but can´t find manual / pdf or something to start. 2 ) which software i need to import / export patches / sounds ? 3 ) which software i need to play SID files ? 4 ) where get the last firmware ? no more , for now is the only help i need . Very gratefull if somebody could help me . Thanks a lot . Im a noob . greetings all sid maniacs, -cuca , from Spain
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