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  1. WaveEditor in my DIY-Synth "WAVE 1"

    My biggest DIY-Synthesizer Project: In German:
  2. Wavesounds from my DIY-Synth "WAVE 1"

    This is Wavesounds from my DIY-Synth "WAVE 1". Its not from PPG Wave2.2. I love the 8.Bit retro sounds. My Synth Project:
  3. My Project:
  4. Modulation-Matrix from AVR Synthesizer "WAVE 1"

    Hallo Here is my new Modulation-Matrix of AVR-Synth “WAVE 1†You can select a modulation-source with encoder on left site and see the depth-values of destinations on the right site. The depth-value can modify with anather encoder. It still lacks some destination, for examble Pan, FM and noise generator. Geetings Rolf My Project-Site: My Youtube-Canal:
  5. MiniScope in my AVR-Synthesizer

    This is a MiniScope-Funktion in my DY-Synthesizer "WAVE 1" My Project-Site: My Youtube-Videos:
  6. Filter-Page from AVR-Synthesizer "WAVE 1"

    This is a Filter-Page of my AVR-Synth. Projekt-Seite:
  7. AVR Synth VCF 01

    AVR-Synthesizer "WAVE 1" VCF-circuit